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Blue Bars

What could be going on here?

Mods get mods. Sharka’s silver rollbar needed to be kicked up a notch.


Yes, even the hardtop gets mods.

More quilted Japanese Goodness.

It’s getting harder to find rough edges to chip away on Sharka. I think I found an untouched area that needed some attention.


Garage Star Handbrake Grip

Garage Star Handbrake Grip

Time for Bucky to get some attention! The little guy is such a trusty steed. It was far past time to show him some luv and shiny new parts. Bucky’s handbrake is something I’ve wanted to change for a while, but never ran across the right one. Sharka has a Voodoo brake grip, which I […]


Matching Interior Goodness

Sharka's Interior - Dec 2015

Sharka gets some new bits and an interior lighting change.


Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel

A battered red box.

Just look at that red box. So battered. It’s seen things. But the contents? Fresh and pristine. What do I even say about this? Words fall short. It’s a black and silver steering wheel, but so much more. The legendary Watanabe Falcon. Car guys swoon. (Well, those into esoteric JDM unicorns.) Normal people look confused. […]


revlimiter Horn Buttons

It was only a matter of time.

New product alert! I can now make custom steering wheel horn buttons. They’re in the store for ordering right now.


Brey-Krause Rollbar Mount and Quick Release

Safety goodies

This is sort of a retro review. I’ve had this spiffy new Brey-Krause QR and rollbar mount installed in Sharka since December of 2014. It managed to not get blogged about until now for whatever reason. Er… I know the reason. It rattled and drove me crazy for a few months, but I’ve since fixed […]


A Wild Momo Cavallino Appears

Momo Cavallino

Sharka’s latest new-old steering wheel.


15 Minute Mod: Non-slip Pedals

So shiny. So slippery.

Metal pedals get slippery when wet. Who knew? A quicky mod with some skateboard grip tape solves that problem.


The Fallen

Sharka's latest gauges.

I finished my last blog post about gauges and typed something like “it’s time Sharka got his own set of custom gauges…” Not a half hour later, I started working on these. I call this one “The Fallen.” Some inspiration struck to do a gauge set with a branch of cherry blossoms (sakura) on the […]


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