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70s Prototype

Sharka's Prototipo.

Another steering wheel for my collection. It’s an addiction.


The Updated Door Panel Project

Leather door panels - installed.

My old quilted vinyl door panels were starting to look rather cheap to me. Meanwhile, I had about 1/3 of a hide of leather sitting in my parts shed. A plan formed…


Momo Master Restoration

An old Momo Master, back at home.

It’s nice when you’re able to press your horn button and have noise come out. My Momo Master recently stopped doing that. I resorted to some exploratory surgery to make things work again.


Retro Hazard Switches

Brushed aluminum and a red hazard label.

Sharka gets a new part, my store gets a new product, and I get an incredible sense of satisfaction. Retro Hazard Switches! They’re the new thing. Come check out the pix. You might gloss over the bad writing.


Retro Window Switches Forever

One Retro Window Switch - no OEM parts.

This blog post has been 6 months in the making. That’s how long I’ve been working on removing OEM parts from my Retro window switches. And finally, I’m there!

By OEM parts, I mean the stock window switch. I used to hack them up and add the metal plate and industrial switches. It was a fine thing to do, but I was slowed by not being Mazda. I didn’t have an unlimited supply of switches to hack apart. I had to wait for folks to mail me back their cores so I could make more switches. Sometimes it was a long wait.


Let There Be Light


You will never find more ranting and praising of a rearview mirror anywhere else on the Internet. This page cranks the Roadster insanity up to 11. For a plain-looking mirror that happens to have a couple of lights. Interested?


Modified Door Sill Plates

About to go under the knife.

Sharka’s metal door sills are really old and crappy. When I got them, they also lacked the desirable feature known as flatness. If I remember right, they came out of a very very wrecked car for the price of shipping. I bent and beat them back into shape as well as I could. I’ve had them for about 6 years.

It was time to modify them.


NA6 Dash Finale – The Radio Post

That chrome didn't last a week before I tore it out.

Yeahh….. you know that chrome radio I installed earlier? It didn’t last long. Check out what I did in place of it.


The Sharka Interior, 2012 (dash install pt2)

The result of a whole lot of planning.

Continuing from my last post, here’s the full, finished interior. It’s all photos. Tons of photos. Maybe too many photos… but I couldn’t help it.


NA6 Vintage Dash Install part 1

That's gonna need to come out...

After nearly a year of back-burner-sitting, my 1600 vintage dash is finally going in Sharka. FINALLY! Check out the install. Finished pix are in the next post.


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