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XIDA ND Suspension Install

Mona dumps the soft GT suspension in favor of a set of XIDAs from Supermiata.


Stormtrooper Gets Some Low

Good nest material.

Stormy’s blown stock suspension goes bye-bye and an entry level coilover set from Megan Racing takes their place.


Garage Star Fender Brace Install and Review


I’m apparently one of the last people in the world to install this. When I posted some fender brace pix on instagram, there were a lot of “How do you not have fender braces yet?!?!” comments. I’ve got them now. And for the few remaining Miata guys on the planet without them, here’s a brief […]


Sharka Alignment 2015

That's a big sensor.

Sharka’s current alignment numbers, a bunch of shop pix, and a shop dog at the end. Are you not entertained?


Garage Star Delrin Door Bushing Review

Door blocks for every Miata!

Sharka and Bucky both got a new treat from Garage Star – delrin door bushings. They may not look like much, but these little pieces completely transform the Miata chassis.


949Racing XIDA Install and Review

Test drive!

Something that’s been on Sharka’s bucket list forever – a set of XIDAs!


Tie Rod End Swap

Rod end height different (93LE on the right).

This is one of those items that’s been on my to-do list for quite a few years – swapping out Sharka’s stock tie rod ends for the 93 LE / 94 R-package ends. They help address the bump steer issues on a lowered car and it’s one part of a Miata that I’ve never replaced. That second reason alone is enough to justify the job.


FM Shock Spacer Install and Review

Flyin Miata Shock Spacers

I picked up and installed a pair of these FM shock spacers a while ago. Didn’t get around to posting about it till a couple of months later. Perhaps they’re not as exciting to me as a Japanese tail light panel or new turbo parts. Or maybe I’m sad that I’m admitting defeat and raising Sharka slightly. For whatever the reason, I’ve been putting off this blog post.

This is no fault of the shock spacers themselves. They work GREAT.


Alignment Time!

After getting my suspension all set where I wanted it, it was time for an alignment. I went over to Boulevard Automotive (2nd and Candelaria) and had Keith work his magic. $100 and some change and I went from basket case handling to smooth and precise. Well worth it.


Moderately Slammed

A really smart guy named Dan who posts on ClubRoadster came up with this really cool upper shock mount (known in the biz as a tophat) that lets you slam the hell out of a Miata while retaining full suspension travel. I’ve lusted after them for months. I finally bought and installed a set. As you can see above, it went well. Read on for the full install.


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