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New Paint for the Family Car

That'll buff right out.

A parking lot crash led to a full respray of Blue Car, my 2008 Mazda3 hatch. Two weeks of work condensed into one blog post.


Mazda 3 Cabin Filter Change

One OEM cabin filter, ready to be hidden somewhere under a dashboard.

Mazda designed the cabin filter in a first gen Mazda 3 so well that it requires 1300 words and 19 photos to show how to replace. Come on in and see the insanity for yourself.


Mazda3 Manual Transmission Fluid Change

4 fresh quarts of MT-90.

Time for another installment of Mazda3 maintenance! This time it’s the manual transmission fluid and the differential fluid. They are one in the same. Mazda calls this a “lifetime fluid” and never calls for it to be changed out. In my humble opinion, that’s not good. Nor is it right. So here’s how you change it.


Mazda3 2.3l Oil Change

Jack up car - install jack stand

Oil change time! Yup. Very exciting. But I’m always surprised when I encounter a “car guy” who doesn’t change his own oil. It’s such an enjoyable little ritual. Hit the jump for a full Mazda3 oil change guide. Cartridge filter and everything!


Beep – Star Panorama

Just a single shot of Beep (my Mazda3) out on a dirt road under the stars. Well, it’s SIX shots of Beep all stitched together. Check it out.


Drive-In Magic

Drive-in movies still exist. I have proof! Photos!!! If you can call digital pix “proof” of anything that is…. anyway, check out my small report on taking a Mazda3 to a drive-in.


Mazda3 oil change torque specs

When I change Beep’s oil again, I’m sure I’m gonna want these. Drain plug torque: 22-30 ft/lbs filter housing torque: 22 ft/lbs 6mm filter drain: 7.6 ft/lbs Each one of these seems to be on a separate page, hidden on the intarwebs. NO LONGER! Now they’re all in one place. For me.