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Elise Seat Grommet Install

This seat has seen things. It's about to see more.

Another post on Elise seats? Yeah. They just keep coming.


Couch Cushions

Elise seats and Shocktec foam

Ever wonder what the secret sauce was inside a Probax Elise seat? The answer lies within.


Chance91 Elise Seat Brackets

Sharka's Elise seats

A few months ago, a guy by the name of Nick email me about my Elise seat brackets. He wanted to make a design to sell based on the scans I posted here. I was against it at first. All of the posts I make here are only for enthusiast use, not for corporations to line their pockets. I answered back in an angry manner. “NO SEATS FOR YOU!!!!” etc.

But I was totally wrong.


Elise Seat Curtain Call

The most comfortable pieces of plastic you'll ever sit on.

A final (maybe?) post about my Elise seats. By popular demand – tracings of my rear seat brackets! In PDF format! I’m pretty proud.


Elise Seat Encore Post

Ready to go in an NB

There were a few more photos to take of my spiffy new Elise seats. Me sitting in the seat, an Elise seat in an NB Miata (my wife’s car), and some seatbelt receiver detail shots. And here they all are! Enjoy.


Lotus Elise Seats in a Miata

Elise Seats installed

After months of sitting in my living room, my Lotus Elise seats have been relocated to their rightful place – mounted in Sharka! Check out the post for lots-o-pix of the seats and the seat brackets.


Lotus Elise Seats

(added for future visitors. DAMN I wish I could have seen these other posts when I originally made this one!) The Elise Seat Posts: Elise Seat Post 1 – The seats hanging around my living room. Elise Seat Post 2 – The seats installed in Sharka! Elise Seat Post 3 – Extra info, front …