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Tiny Car Museum

Lights off... Lights ON!

I added LED light strings to my Hot Wheels cases. And then I took photos of all my tiny cars.

Beware – insanity lurks inside.


Freezing Fog

The cold never bothered... nah, it always bothers me.

NM got some freezing fog. I had to snap a half dozen pix and some bonus Bucky portraits.


S2000 Badges

Helicopter shot

One of Sharka’s 4-wheeled buddies gets a pair of custom vintage Honda badges.


2011 Rough Riders Motorbike Rally

I dare you to be manly around this face.

So. There I was in Las Vegas (the New Mexico one, not the other one) in the middle of a huge motorcycle rally. My wife and I drove up to catch a flick at the Fort Union Drive-In and had no idea there would be 7.5 million motorbikes in the town square. We also had no idea that we were staying at the hotel that was hosting the event.

I had my camera. I like things with wheels and motors. Doesn’t matter to me if there are 2 wheels or 4 wheels. So I started shooting.


Arts and Crafts

Steering wheels as art.

I acquired a new steering wheel for my collection the other week. But this post is not about that. I’ll have a post dedicated to that beauty soon. This post is about the wild idea I had when trying to figure out storage for my steering wheel collection.

See, I’d been using a shelf in the garage. The wheels were all protected in their original Momo and Nardi boxes, but they were still out in the garage. Not the best place for such beautiful objects. And definitely not where I wanted to store my new M2 steering wheel. It is such a piece of art.

And that’s when the idea hit me. Art. It deserves to hang on the wall.


Drive-In Magic

Drive-in movies still exist. I have proof! Photos!!! If you can call digital pix “proof” of anything that is…. anyway, check out my small report on taking a Mazda3 to a drive-in.


2009 New Mexico International Auto Show

The big, Motor Trend sponsored auto show came though town recently. My camera and a few buddies from work went with me for the opening on Friday afternoon. Though MANY manufacturers were missing, it was a good time. The event was lightly attended, yet the cars I wanted to shoot were very popular. I didn’t […]