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The Road Home

early riser

Day 6: Springfield, MO to Albuquerque, NM. I woke up around 6am after a night of tossing and turning. The posh hotel was not anything near as comfortable as April and Dave’s house. I decided to just get up and hit the road. I left around 5:30am ABQ time. I had 750 miles to cover. […]


Day 5 – Chicago, IL to Springfield, MO

Topping Off

I think I’m finally getting good at these fuel-stop photos. I’m somewhat impressed with this above shot… I’m not too proud to say it! Day 5: I was able to leave the snowy north! There was no additional snow over night and I was able to dig the car out and finally continue my …


Day 4 – Snowed In

Snowed In

Yes, Snowed in. Stuck in Chicago. Many multiple inches. Not the best thing ever for a tiny Miata. But I’ve got a warm place to stay and the promise of less weather tomorrow, so I’m staying in Chicago an extra night. Not much to do but stay warm and shoot toys indoors. Poor Sharka. This […]



I think this is how I’m gonna go home now. See, I’m stuck in Chicago. WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY? What’s this white stuff? Why does it fall and stay on the ground? Where’s the sky? This is not New Mexico. Des Moines looks to have similar weather right now and the route between cities seems pretty […]


Day 3: Chicago

I brought snow.

Sharka roadtrip day 3: Chicago – Lotsa walking and no driving. I saw some sights and museums and cool stuff today. I drove not one bit. It was awesome. The snow was less awesome, but at least I didn’t have to drive in it. I brought snow from Columbus. Chicago was fine when I got […]


Ohio to Chicago


Day 2 of the adventure: Ohio to Chicago! My room was warm. My car was not. Though it doesn’t look like much, this is a nice 1/8″ thick layer of ice on Sharka. And though that doesn’t SOUND like much, it’s enough to make it hard to thaw the back window (plastic) and open the […]


In Chicago!

Too tired to update. Will type in the morning. But I’m here in Chicago, safe and sound. I had a totally boring drive with truckers playing inchy-squinchy as they passed each other at inches-per-minute every step of the way. sigh. stupid trucks.



Stopping by the Hotel on a Snowy Evening

Prepare for some inane, immature, car-guy ranting and gushing. My day started at 4:15 am. I didn’t sleep really well. I kept dreaming of things like not being allowed on the plane with all my tools (which were checked) and not being allowed to land due to the ice and snow and the car having […]


at the airport!

on my itouch at the airport in abq feelin spiffy. And excited. And warm.


Almost time!

The next time I sit on the couch in my living room, I’ll be a Miata owner again. I’ll have a winter road trip adventure under my belt. I’ll have lots of pix, lots of stories, and an experience I’ve never had. I’m excited. Yet the ice storm in Columbus today has me a little […]


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