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The D Word?

In my eyes, Sharka has achieved perfection.

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. Since finishing up with the NA6 interior really. Sharka has just felt so… good. Right. Perfect. Everything is exactly how I want it.

Sharka feels done.


Garage Star Delrin Door Bushing Review

The bots and the delrin.

Sharka and Bucky both got a new treat from Garage Star – delrin door bushings. They may not look like much, but these little pieces completely transform the Miata chassis.


Mega Jack Stand Review 1 – ESCO, Harbor Freight, and Torin

Sharka surrounded by an army of jack stands.

Part one of the Mega Jack Stand Review. In this episode: the Harbor Freight 3 ton stands, the Torin 3 ton aluminum stands, and the ESCO 3 ton tripod stands.


The Forever Car

A happy Roadsterman.

Do you believe in a Forever Car?


KG Works Instrument Panel Review

Stock cluster vs. KG Works cluster

A fairly random and gushing review of the discontinued KG Works Independent Look Gauge Cluster. This is a holy grail for me. I’ve wanted one for a long long time. And now I have one. Read on for the full review.


Mazda 3 Cabin Filter Change

One OEM cabin filter, ready to be hidden somewhere under a dashboard.

Mazda designed the cabin filter in a first gen Mazda 3 so well that it requires 1300 words and 19 photos to show how to replace. Come on in and see the insanity for yourself.


Miata Soft Top Removal

Looks really clean without any soft top poking up.

This is sort of a required step on my road to hardtop-only motoring. It didn’t seem like there was much information out there on this. There’s a ton of pages dealing with Miata soft top replacement, but not much on how to make a car look good with no soft top whatsoever. So, if you want to lose 37-42 lbs and turn your roadster into a speedster, read on.


NA6 Dash Restoration Project

This humble dash is about to get the star treatment.

In this post, I repair and restore a 20 year old Miata dashboard from the 1.6 liter era. It took me a week and there’s a twist at the end. Check it out.


When the Clutch Goes Squishy

MMMM... Clutch juice!

Clutch maintenance time! Everything but the clutch itself. A complete Miata clutch master and slave cylinder swap lies within.


NA6 Dash Restoration – continued


I started restoring this dash last summer. It is now winter. That’s how motivated I was to keep going after I cracked the dash with my own repair process.

Not very.


Enkei RP-F1 14×7+19 aka THE Wheels

The wheel just BARELY fit in my lightbox.

This blog post has been a long time coming. A long time. As long as I’ve been rebuilding my car since The Bonk. See, after I decided to rebuild Sharka, I started looking around for a new set of wheels. That was last November. I found these unique RP-F1s in June. I paid for them around the beginning of July. And now they are MINE.


Air Compressor Drain Valve Mod

Failed and rusty drain valve.

700 words on replacing a broken air compressor drain valve with a totally awesome ball valve. Because what’s better than spending $30 to fix a $3 broken part? Not much, my friends, not much.

Except for doing all of this with the help of a small robotic scorpion.


Turn Signal Intakes

Crappy, burned out TSI

A couple weekends in the garage, some bondo, and some scooter turn signals? What could I possibly do with these ingredients? Turn signal intakes!


Woodworking: Momo Wood Wheel Restoration

Momo Daytona

revlimiter learns to work on wood. A bunch of shift knobs and a steering wheel get restored over a short six weeks.


The Coolant Reroute Strikes Back

FM's badass fan & shroud kit

Yet more cooling system upgrades and tweaks. Thought I was all finished with my coolant reroute? Nah. I’d barely scratched the surface.


How to Eliminate Miata Gas Fumes (I hope…)

Thermo-Tec 3' exhaust heat shield.

Got a smelly trunk? How about a lot of excess pressure in your gas tank? This post might be just the thing to fix you up. Maybe. I hope.


Parts Review – MiataRoadster Short Shift Kit

The good stuff.

A full installation and review of the MiataRoadster short shift kit. I don’t mean to spoil things, but it’s fantastic. You need one.


NB Miata timing belt change

Car maintenance as art

Bucky, our 2001 MX-5, gets the spotlight in this post. It was timing belt time and the interweb was not exactly forthcoming in great NB2 timing belt info, so this is my attempt to fill that hole.


Sharka Ride #1

About halfway up the mountain.

I’ve backspaced over the first sentence a dozen times. I’ve got no idea what to say that won’t sound like an insane person gushing over his car and daughter. I’m just ever so proud, you guys. EVER. SO. PROUD!

My little girl got to ride in Sharka for the first time. And SHE LOVED IT!!!


Harriet and Her Room

One day, she'll drive Sharka.

My family has a new member. And for the first time, she doesn’t have four wheels or four feet. I’m beyond proud to show off my new baby girl here on my blog. And her room!