My Little Miata: Gauges Are Magic

Pony gauges. Yes, really.

Pony gauges. Yes, really.

There’s exactly two cartoons I watch over and over on Netflix – Transformers (Beast Wars) and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I know folks will judge after reading that, but I love both shows. Perhaps you remember my TF-based gauge design? Well, I just finished doing a set of MLP-centric gauges.


The MLP gauges

The MLP gauges

A customer contacted me asking for some My Little Pony gauges. He also liked the rotation of the Prototipo design. Everything else was pretty open ended. My brain immediately locked on the idea of putting the cutie marks (the little tattoo’s on each character’s back flank) on the gauge background. It worked well on the Transformer gauges, so it seemed logical for the MLP gauges.

The MLP fandom is awesome. Artwork exists for just about anything you can imagine. Cutie marks for the main characters? How many different file formats would you like? Exact color codes for every aspect of anything ever in the show? Yup, those are plentiful too. The fans really made this custom gauge design come together quick.

Onto the gauges.

Rainbow Dash Wingpower gauge.

Rainbow Dash Wingpower gauge.

Pinkie Pie party gauge.

Pinkie Pie party gauge.

Rarity oil gauge.

Rarity oil gauge.

Fluttershy water gauge.

Fluttershy water gauge.

And a Princess Twilight Sparkle Airspeed gauge.

And a Princess Twilight Sparkle Airspeed gauge.

Yeah. Wingpower and Airspeed. And a PARTY GAUGE. I think every car needs a party gauge. Those poor cars that have never experienced a PARTY GAUGE are missing out on something. Poor Sharka has been whining and begging ever since I finished this MLP set.

I could go on. I could explain the episode where the ponies needed to seed the clouds using a tornado which inspired the wingpower gauge… but I won’t. I’ll just post a few more pix.

Night pix.

Night Mode.

Night Mode.

Letting the cutie marks shine at night would have been overpowering. The numbers wouldn’t really be visible at night. And blanking out the cutie marks would be… boring. A party gauge with no balloons? BAH. So I had the idea of doing outlines.

It was tricky, but so worth the effort. The gauges just rock at night. One might even use the Magic word.

The rainbow redline is at least 20% cooler.

The rainbow redline is at least 20% cooler.

Happy nocturnal butterflies.

Happy nocturnal butterflies.

Yeah. I’m pretty proud. Sorry for gushing about my own work.

There was one other part of the order – a custom nose badge.

A Twilight Sparkle nose badge.

A Twilight Sparkle nose badge.

Twilight’s cutie mark. Just the thing for the nose. And it turned out SO good.

Thank you for the order Zachary!!! I hope these gauges bring many smiles to your Roadster life. *Brohoof*

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  • silvermazda says:

    night mode rocks!

  • dillion says:

    Is there any way i could see about thesw gauges done for a different car? I notice youre strictly miata parts but these gauges are too awesome not to try. I know it wont be cheap either :/ so if your interested can you get back to me?

    • revlimiter says:

      Sorry Dillion. Miata orders are currently taking up all of my time. I’d love to make gauges for other cars, but I simply have no time for it. It’s not an issue of money. My wait list is just too long to accommodate other makes.

  • GT-Alex says:

    Aside the point that some will love and others will hate it, this set must have required tons of work and crafting ! The lighting is pure awesomeness !

    I hope the owner gets his hands on a Personal wheel with the jamaican stitching to match the redline ^^

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  • dj mx5 says:

    So, I fell in love with these and was wondering if you would ever make these again. Price for a 95 miata?? 🙂

  • Bry says:

    That. Is. BRILLIANT.

  • Gerardo chacon says:

    Hey do you take orders and if so how much do you charge. Please lmk I’m interested in buying one. Not this s

  • Keith Tanner says:

    That tach is fantastic at night. I would come up with poor excuses to drive at night. And the party gauge is genius. My five year old nephew would squee.

  • Nemo says:

    i want for my NB2.
    or a final fantasy set….

  • dillion says:

    Well thanks anyways…… yes squees coming from everywhere im sure….. this is deffinitely somthing unique.

  • shifty says:

    I can’t wait to show these to my daughter – she will love them!

  • Zandr says:

    This is brilliant, brilliant work. Not my thing, but it’s stunning. I’m still laughing about the Party gauge.

  • KrootLoops says:

    No Applejack? Harrumph! You sir, are dead to me.

  • Brad says:

    Even though it’s not really my style, if I ever decide that braking is more fun than accelerating and stuff an LS3 in my 99, it’s getting a set of these gauges. Just because. Have to balance out the outright manliness under the hood with something cute like these.

    Night mode is amazing man. At first, I didn’t care for them, being that it almost looks out of place on a car. But then… I saw night mode. Well done sir.

    Now I just need that LS3…

  • Runoratsu says:

    This is SO AWESOME! x)

    Miata and ponies. What more could anyone wish for… ^.^

  • Jamie says:

    I love it! If I had a truck I would ask you to do this! (I’m a 25 year old female brony without a license or car.) Oh Uuuum I would like to point something out on a different one I like… The Okami one… The wolf is not a dude. The name of the Video game is Okami and it is based on the Japanese religion Shinto. The wolf’s name is Amatarasu and she is the mother goddess and goddess of the sun.

  • Mario says:

    Man I need something like this for my BIG AND MANLY(lol j/k) semi.

  • Olivia says:

    oh my gosh!! This is absolutely incredible! I don’t suppose there is anywhere I could purchase/ have a set made for my vehicle/s?
    This set has sent me to carpony heaven!

  • Ashley says:

    I saw this and it is so awesome. I saw some of the posts were from a few years back….are you able to make this for other cars yet? Please let me know. Thanks

  • NgKQ says:

    But where’s AJ’s? :/

  • Jacob Smith says:

    To Revlimiter, idk if you’re still making these cluster plates and if you’re still active here but, I’m hoping that you can help me out. I had bought a 1988 Pontiac Fiero base model and I want to change the cluster to the theme of the car that I want. Namely, Soarin. Now, if you want to get some ideas…I don’t have images of the cluster gauges, but you can get generalized idea via Google. If you wish to follow my project on Instagram and/or Facebook, you can find it if you look up 88Soarin2.5. Let me know if you can do this, feel free to messaged me and I’d love to see what we can make out here. Hope to hear from you soon, thank you.

  • Austin says:

    Is it possible to make those for an ’06 Malibu? I’m doing everything in my car Rainbow Dash.

  • Will says:

    I wish you made these for the Honda Beat PP1 looks amazing

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