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Mona Visits Arches

Ramona straightens out the curves in Arches National Park.


Drives – Cape Royal Road, AZ

Yes please.

I’ve not posted a road report for a while, and this one is a gem – Cape Royal Road near the Grand Canyon North Rim.


Bucket List Item – Sharka Drives Laguna Seca

Pete and Benny - click to view larger.

I get to drive Sharka in anger at Laguna Seca. A lifelong dream.


Bucket List Item – KINOD Caravan

Blue Jay's engine.

After so many years in Miatas, I have a huge Bucket List. In October 2017, I got to scratch off a bunch of items.


Sharka Visits Joshua Tree

Goodbye Joshua Tree.

Sharka and I race to beat the sunrise into Joshua Tree National Park.


Cone Killer

After the start.

This past October, I had the chance to attend a two day autocross event. I’m embarrassed to say that it was my first time aiming my bumper at cones in about four years. That means it was my first event with a big hair drier bolted to the side of my engine. You know, the one that’s been there for over two years.

Oh well, better late than never.


Guest Blog – ….and then drive some more.

The horizon hinted at what the day had in store.

Geoff pointed out in an earlier blog entry that I drove 20 hours just to hang out for 16 hours. To be honest, the math kinda surprised me…I didn’t think to think of it that way. On the surface it’s true. But to me the 10 hours there and back (each way) was a part […]


Drives – NM’s Jemez Mountains

What this post is really about.

Another drive around New Mexico. The magic that is NM-4 through the Jemez mountains is the focus of this one.


Guest Blog- 3 Friends, 36 Hours, 3651.3 Total Miles


“Brothers don’t shake hands; brothers hug!” It all started with a vibrabeep on my phone. Steve texted to let us know he was 45 minutes out. WOOT!


Guest Blog – Racing the Sun

I needed bonding time with Rooster in a bad way.

This morning I left the house at 7:45 am. That’s an unusually early time for this small business owner. Usually I roll out between 8:30 and 9. After 9am – the highways in North Dallas are empty enough not to feel congested and my drive time to the office is less than half of what it would be any time before 9am. But this morning I wasn’t headed south…


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