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Firefox 4 in Ubuntu via PPA

Firefox 4 on Ubuntu

I’ve not done a Linux post in a while. I thought that Firefox 4 deserved it.

Modern Ubuntu releases have made this whole process incredibly easy.


System76 Pangolin Performance Review

MINE! Dibs! Sharka calls dibs!!!

An unboxing and product review of my spiffy new Linux Laptop from system76. Be warned, there are both sharks and Insecticons.


Firefox 3.5 in Ubuntu Intrepid

I managed to get Firefox 3.5 working in Ubuntu Intrepid before it was released in the official repository. Check out how. Please forgive the ranting.


Ubuntu Intrepid: Upgrade your Flickr Uploadr (postr) to

Just a quick entry for this. It’s hardly worth the effort, but I spent a good 10 minutes searching teh googles for the answer to this one. The official postr site has everything BUT the .deb file. So here we go. -Go to the jaunty postr page: -Grab the .deb file near the top […]


Upgraded to Intrepid

Desktop - February, 2009

Yes! I’m up and running on the latest Ubuntu and am lovin’ life. Only 4 months late, but hey, I try. When I upgraded my test box at work from hardy to Intrepid, I did it THE FIRST DAY the new distro was released. I lived a week without good graphics drivers. I said I’d […]


Ubuntu Pocket Guide

I installed Ubuntu in the middle of last summer and have been using it exclusively at home ever since the install. I’ve been an off-and-on linux user since college (in 94!) but have never found a distro that really agreed with me or that I could get to work on a daily basis. Ubuntu 8.04 […]