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Latest Store Updates:

• Buttplate Badges (2024/4)
Rectangular badges for the back of your car exist! I'm calling them Buttplates.

• Version Blue Wave NC (2023/10)
Another gauge collaboration with Spinnywhoosh! The Blue Wave NC gauges are here.

• Version Alpha NB (2023/10)
A gauge design that's long existed for the NA now is available for the NB! Alpha NB gauges are ready to ship now.

• Version Solo Jazz (2023/6)
Another gauge collaboration with Spinnywhoosh! The Solo Jazz gauges crank the 90s nostalgia dial up to 8000.

• Version F1 FD (2023/5)
One of my first gauge designs ever (for the NA) now can be ordered for the FD cluster. F1 FD gauges are here.

• Version DOGE ND (2023/4)
The ND cluster didn't want to miss out on all the DOGE meme fun, so now it has a version just for it. DOGE ND gauges are here.

• Version Circuit BRZ/FRS (2023/4)
BRZ/FR-S are no strangers to the track. The Circuit gauges are designed specifically for ease of use on the track and are in the store now.

• Version TIE (2022/5)
By popular demand, the TIE Fighter gauges have become a regular item in the store. Grab the NA version here and the NB over here. If you have another car, I can probably do something for it with a custom order.

• BRZ/FR-S Gauges (2021/10)
It took most of the year, but revlimiter Gauges for the BRZ, FR-S, and GT86 now exist! They are available for both the pre-LCD and Facelift (LCD) cluster. BRZ gauges are here!

• ND Cosmos Gauges (2021/6)
I have the ND gauge design process down well enough to do some more elaborate designs like the Cosmos star field.

• Miata ND Gauges (2019/3)
For the first time I can finally say that I have gauges for every Miata ever made. ND Miata gauges are here!

• Suzuki Cappuccino Gauges (2019/2)
What's more fun than a 3/4 size Miata? Not much! If any car deserved some cool gauges, it's the Suzuki Cappuccino! I'm starting with 3 designs and expanding as orders permit.

• NB Steering Wheel Restoration Stickers (2019/2)
The Nardi emblems on the OEM NB Steering wheels are getting a bit old and faded. I have a quick and inexpensive solution to fix them up! Grab a set of NB Wheel Stickers right here.

• NB HVAC Panels (2018/9)
They're insanely difficult to make, but they're FINALLY in the store! NB HVAC Panels to match your gauges and get all of your interior lighting the same color.

• Epic Horn Buttons (2018/6)
I've worked with a new manufacturer and now have an OEM quality horn button option. I'm calling them the Epic horn buttons!

• NC revlimiter Gauges (2017/8)
I had to buy a whole car to make this happen. I've worked on this project for about 8 months. Finally, NC gauges exist! Check out the initial offering of five designs.

• Gen3 revlimiter Gauges!!! (2017/7/15)
I've been working toward this for years. My gauges have evolved and now I'm able to make a much better quality of dial face. Hit my blog for more info. In the meantime, I'm making test sets of EVERY gauge design I've ever done, re-photographing them, and updating each page in the store.

• Redline NB (2017/1/18)
Somehow, it took me 15 years to design a set of fully white faced gauges. I guess it was about time? Some 90s nostalgia is finally hitting revlimiter and Version Redline is ready for your cluster.

• Retro Shift Plates (2016/12/9)
It might be pretty small, but I've spent many hours on this piece. The Retro Shift Plate is what was missing from your center console.

• DOGE NB (2016/12/8)
It was only a matter of time. DOGE has infected the NB cars too. You know what to do.

• Dragstrip/Burnout (2016/7/18)
Based on various supercars, yet with a unique design. I liked both tach colors so much, I decided to make them both as an option. Order the Dragstrip and Burnout NA and NB gauges here.

• Wheel Center Cap Inserts (2016/6)
Here's something I've wanted to have in my store for years - center cap inserts! These are now possible with my Gen2 production. Each order is custom, so you'll have to fill out an email form and talk with me about it before I can make you a set of inserts.

• Gen2 Badges (2016/5)
revlimiter Badges are evolving! Designs and colors have changed to work with a new (and much better) production process. The Badges page shows the new colors and offerings.

• Version Delta (2016/5/25)
Modeled after Mazda's design inside the ND dash, I proudly present Version Delta.

• revlimiter Horn Buttons (2015/10/1)
Folks have asked for this one since I started making badges. Finally, I have a high quality horn button (made in Italy!) that takes a domed insert and is nice to press. revlimiter Horn Buttons are what your Momo, Sparco, or Nardi wheel was missing.

• Version Starship (2015/6/30)
These started out as a custom set. Enough requests were made that the owner let me turn them into a full set available to everyone. Version Starship is my love-letter to the late Dewa-san's beautiful star gauges.

• Sharka's Gauge Cups (2015/6/21)
A couple months ago, I contacted Russell of Project M and asked permission to make my own version of his dashboard gauge cups. He said yes! Now Sharka's Gauge Cups are in stock and available for purchase.

• JIS Screwdrivers are BACK! (2015/6/7)
After a brief hiatus, the drivers are back to stay. There's three different unique sets to choose from that you'll only find here at JIS Screwdriver Sets.

• NB Retro Window Switch (2015/3/4)
At a record 3 years, this was my longest ongoing project. NB Retro Window switches finally exist. Just getting to type that feels like a huge accomplishment.

• Door Sill Inserts (2014/9/12)
Something for those wanting to restore their Miata or just change the logo on their door sills - the revlimiter Door Sill Inserts are available. And, thanks to the epoxy coating, they should be a lot more resilient than the pieces they're designed to replace.

• BADGES! (2014/5/8)
After months of work and development, I am proud to present my newest product line - revlimiter Badges. I have two different sizes and nine designs to choose from.

• Version Prototipo (2013/10/18)
Got a small diameter steering wheel and most of your tach/speedometer is cut off? Version Prototipo might be the solution to your problems.

• Retro Hazard Switches (2013/6/8)
Folks have asked for years and it's finally here. I have a Retro Hazard Switch to complement the window switches! They're come in either brushed aluminum or black anodized and have multiple label options.

• Retro Window Switches (2013/5/17)
In the past 6 months, I've completely changed how I make window switches. I'm not using any OEM parts now. I'm casting the plastic frames myself and have wiring harnesses that plug in just like the stock switch. Want a Retro window switch? They're in stock now!

• Matching HVAC Panels (2013/4/24)
I am now offering customized HVAC panels to match some of my gauge sets for NA Miatas. This has been a long time coming and many folks have suggested it. I finally have the machinery to make this possible. My original Retro HVAC Panel gets renamed to Version Roadster and is joined by two others - Warbird and Stirling. More are on the way.

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