Version: Circuit BRZ/FR-S/GT86

revlimiter Gauges - Version Circuit
revlimiter Gauges - Version Circuit


  • Aerospace polymer laser-cut gauge face set for BRZ/FR-S/GT86.
  • Digital screen printed. OEM textured surface.
  • OEM tach/speedometer zero position & scale.
  • Versions available for all world markets.
  • All stock indicator and warning lights are retained.
  • Early BRZ lighting color cannot be changed. Other cluster lighting color is selectable.
  • Shipping calculated at checkout. US customers receive Priority Mail. International orders will be sent via Global Post or Priority International.

    Read the FR-S/GT86/BRZ Gauge Installation Tutorial

Buy the Circuit BRZ/FR-S/86 Gauge set - $129 USD

Select your car:
Select speed:
Select Lighting Color:

OR customize this gauge set!

  • Custom Gauge Price: $129 + design time
  • Modifications are charged on a time-required basis. Usually these requests will add $60 (1 hour) to the base price of the gauges. It just depends on how much you want done and how many hours it will take.
  • Unfortunately, BRZ gauges are extremely customizable. The lighting color and zero positions are set. But I can change fonts and background colors. Other small mods are also possible.
  • Check out some of the custom work I've done for other customers.
  • Go to the Custom Order Form

Non-LCD Cluster

revlimiter Gauges - Version Circuit
Designed for maximum usefulness and contrast on the track, as the name suggests.

revlimiter Gauges - Version Circuit
The big red wedge cannot be ignored and makes missed shifts happen less.

revlimiter Gauges - Version Circuit
Circuit features a single speed scale. MPH or km/h depending on your selection.

revlimiter Gauges - Version Circuit
Circuit features temp in Fahrenheit. For metric (260 km/h) orders, Celsius is shown.

Night Mode

revlimiter Gauges - Version Circuit
The BRZ amber lighting is accomplished with LEDs soldered to the board. This lighting color cannot be changed by just changing the gauge faces. The FR-S/GT86 features white LEDs, so the lighting on the black gauges can be changed.

The Packing List

revlimiter Gauges - the package

What You Get:
  • One (1) set of genuine revlimiter Gauge faces.
  • A dry dust cloth.
  • Pair of gloves.
  • One-sheet installation guidelines.
  • Stickers and other goodies.
What You Do NOT Get:
  • A full cluster. This is a set of gauge faces only.
  • Gauge needles. You will have to re-use your stock needles/pointers.
Please Note:
  • While I try my hardest to photograph each gauge correctly, I can't guarantee that your computer monitor is accurately showing the actual color of each gauge. Reds and purples are particularly hard to photograph and have the added problem of becoming richer or thinner depending on the light hitting them.
  • Be aware that there may be some color differences between what you see on the screen and what your installed gauges look like.


Q: I don't understand the lighting. Explain it?
A: The BRZ cluster is lit with amber LEDs soldered to the gauge cluster circuit board. You COULD change them out to another color by unsoldering and putting in new LEDs, but that would require some skill. It's not something I can do for you either.

Q: Can I order these for my Civic/BMW/Suburban???
A: Not at this time. I'm extremely backed up with new cluster requests and can only do one or two per year. The next few years are booked.

About the Ordering Process

Every item in this store is hand-crafted, made one set at a time. Everything is made to your specs. There's no mass production. Because of this, there might be a short delay between placing your order and shipping. Gauges usually take a couple days to make. If there's a long wait list, I'll contact you via email to inform you of any delays.

California Residents:

California requires the following notice: Gauges may contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical known to the State of California to cause harm to the female reproductive system. You can be exposed when you install the gauges. Always wear the included gloves and wash your hands after installation. For more information go to:

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