Custom Horn Button Orders

Yes, revlimiter IS OPEN!!!

This question has been asked a lot lately due to the global pandemic. I thought I should update each custom order form. Yes, I’m making parts and shipping daily. My shop is literally in my backyard, making revlimiter a quarantine-proof business. I own all of my equipment (of which there’s waaaay too much) and don’t outsource production. There’s nothing to delay the shipment of your parts.

Placing Orders: This is the custom order form for horn buttons. It’s a fancy way of getting us in email contact and asking some questions I sometimes manage to forget. There’s no robot on the other side or anything like that. I will usually reply within a few hours. If you’re not in the US, my reply might come to you the next morning due to time zones.

Payment: Payment is due immediately, but we might have to talk about your order a bit before I’m sure what to charge you. As mentioned above, I usually reply pretty quickly. You’ll get an invoice via Paypal once the details are all clear. And, just so you know, no work will be done until I receive your payment.

Wait Time: From October through May is my busy season. Depending on how many hours it takes to draw your custom logo, the wait may be 3-4 weeks. As of May 2020, there’s over 20 custom horn button orders. Paying the invoice gets you a place in line, so please pay as quickly as you can. I’m usually able to work on an order within the week.

Please double check your email address before sending. If you enter it incorrectly, there’s no way for me to get back in contact with you.

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