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S2000 Starter Button
Everything you need to know about installing an S2000 starter button in an early Miata. EVERYTHING.

Custom Gauge Faces
An extremely detailed photo-tutorial on making your own gauge faces out of nothing.

Side Winker Install
Hacking up your US-spec fenders for side blinkers can be tramatic. So I took a million photos and made a huge how-to page to help you out.

Padded Leather Armrest
A high-quality leather armrest for your early Miata for the price of the leather and an hour of your time.

NACA Duct Info
Old NACA diagrams and discussion on fitting one to your car. Created mostly because the official NACA page moves around a lot.

NACA Duct Headlight Lid
Hack up your NA Miata headlight lid to make a functional NACA duct air intake. Cause cold air rules!

Low Profile Headlight Wiring
Upgrade the wiring in your Moss (or other) dual beam headlight kit.

NA Front Air Splitter
Protect your hard-to-replace lower airdam with an ABS air splitter.

Intake Isolator Box
Shield your air intake from the hot engine bay air. This works well when paired with the NACA duct headlight lid.

Coldside Idler Upgrade
OLD but saved for archival - That BRP Coldside idler system needs all the help it can get.

Coldside Intake Upgrade
OLD but saved for archival - Just about anything is an upgrade over the OEM corrugated intake hose...

Coldside Intake Isolator
OLD but saved for archival - Because the air on the Coldside isn't *really* that cold...

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