revlimiter Custom Design Commissions

revlimiter Custom Design Commissions

May / June 2024

About Commissions: Each month, a limited number of commissions will be available. These can be simple customization to an existing gauge set, elaborate customization, full logo creation, or full gauge design. Commissions are billed hourly at $60 per hour not including the cost of your gauges, horn button, etc. Once a month is sold out, commissions will be closed again until orders are completed.

Full commissions are open for June! That means intricate orders of 10-20+ hours will be accepted for as long as I have slots. I can draw your anime girls and video game characters. I can draw totally new designs. Just order it up and it’ll happen.

Currently available gauge clusters include:
Miata (NA, NB, NC, ND), RX-7 (FD), BRZ/FR-S, and Suzuki Cappuccino.
I’m sorry but at this time I cannot take a commission for a cluster not on the above list.

Payment: Payment is due immediately, but we will have to talk about your order a bit before I’m sure what to charge you. You’ll get an invoice via Paypal once the details are all clear. And, just so you know, no work will be done until I receive your payment. Payment gets you a place in line.

Wait Time: There’s currently ~5 orders in the queue (as of May 18th). Wait time is 1-2 weeks.

Please give as much detail as possible in the form below. I have to beg for details on 90% of these orders. The more info you can provide including links to supporting artwork, the better for the both of us.

Please note that I’m a one man shop and may not be able to answer your order for a day or two.

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    I want to chat about a standard gauge set. ($129)I want to modify a gauge set. ($189+)Gauge Installation Service please ($75-95)Something else?

    What scale does your current speedometer read? (required)

    What transmission does your car have (NC only)?

    Do you want the shift indicator light (ND only)?

    If you have an ND Miata, what top does it have? (ND only)?

    What lighting color would you like on your NA/NB/Cappuccino custom gauges/HVAC?

    Do you want a set of LED bulbs? (NA/NB/FD/Capp only)

    Please describe your custom order. The more detail the better.

    Please double check your email address before sending. If you enter it incorrectly, there’s no way for me to get back in contact with you.