revlimiter Custom Order Form

Placing Orders: This is the custom order form. It’s a fancy way of getting us in email contact and asking some questions I sometimes manage to forget. There’s no robot on the other side or anything like that. I will usually reply within a day. If you’re not in the US, my reply might come to you the next morning due to time zones.

Payment: Payment is due immediately, but we might have to talk about your order a bit before I’m sure what to charge you. You’ll get an invoice via Paypal once the details are all clear. And, just so you know, no work will be done until I receive your payment. Payment gets you a place in line.

Current wait time as of 5/25/19 is ~ 1 week. There’s currently 12 people in line waiting on gauge designs. Payment of the invoice gets you a place in line. Each order gets the same priority – as fast as I can make it.

Full custom sets are currently not available. I’m really sorry about that. There’s only one guy doing all of this (the guy typing right now) and I’m working on expanding my gauge offerings to non-Miatas. This means Toyota 86 gauges, Skyline gauges, MR2 gauges, and others. Once I have a few more models of gauge cluster designed, I’ll resume taking intricate custom orders.

And to clarify, a full custom set is something like a set of gauges full of cartoons or a single theme which takes weeks of drawing time and many many hours of revisions and emails. These orders currently require more time than I have. I hope to resume taking them in late summer of 2019.

However, I would love to do some small modifications on any gauge set you see in my store. Different background colors, fonts, rotations, mix and match, small theme additions, and other such things that might take a couple hours of labor are perfect.

Please double check your email address before sending. If you enter it incorrectly, there’s no way for me to get back in contact with you.

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Please describe your custom order. The more detail the better.