NB Retro Window Switches

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revlimiter.net - Retro window switch
NB Retro Window Switch


  • Retro toggle power window control for all NB Miatas (98-05).
  • Complete kit! Easy to install with a few hand tools.
  • No core charge! No OEM parts are used.
  • Available in brushed aluminum or black anodized.
  • No Auto-Down function!
  • Easy installation. Instructions available here.
  • Shipping calculated at checkout. US customers receive Priority Mail. International orders will be sent via EMS or Priority International.

Buy the NB Retro Window Switch - Black Anodized - $159 USD

Select Plate Finish:

revlimiter.net - Retro window switch
The revlimiter Retro Window Switch - accept no substitutes.

revlimiter.net - Retro window switch
Retro flavor for your NB.

revlimiter.net - Retro window switch

revlimiter.net - Retro window switch

revlimiter.net - Retro window switch
A complete kit to give your Roadster a set of toggle window switches. Unfortunately, this is not plug and play. It installs in about an hour. Small Lego helpers are not included.

revlimiter.net - Retro window switch
Everything you need to transform your boring plastic switch into something a little higher class. Also, the pesky auto-down feature is eliminated. And if you decide to go back to stock, the mod is easily reversible.

revlimiter.net - Retro window switches

revlimiter.net - Retro window switch
The switch fits perfectly in an NB1 (99-00) console as well. This one is mounted in a 10AE.

revlimiter.net - Retro window switch

revlimiter.net - Retro window switches
Three years in the making. Worth the wait.

About the Ordering Process

Every item in this store is hand-crafted, made one set at a time. Everything is made to your specs. There's no mass production. However, I usually make the hazard and window switches in batches. Unless otherwise stated above, the switches are always in stock. There shouldn't be much of a delay between your order and when I'm able to ship you a window switch. Still, if there is some special circumstances, I'll contact you via email to inform you of any delays.

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