Upgraded to Intrepid

Yes! I’m up and running on the latest Ubuntu and am lovin’ life. Only 4 months late, but hey, I try. When I upgraded my test box at work from hardy to Intrepid, I did it THE FIRST DAY the new distro was released. I lived a week without good graphics drivers. I said I’d not do that again and I’d just happily wait. Besides, Hardy was an LTS anyway, so I thought I might stay with it for a while on the laptop.

Then Gnome-Do came out with this awesome Docky thing that doesn’t yet work in Hardy. So……. I upgraded. Yeah. For a dock. I upgraded just for a dock. hehe. But look how PRETTY it is!!!

Desktop - February, 2009

The upgrade went smooth. I tried Intrepid with a liveCD and had full graphics and everything. I booted and backed up and then started the upgrade from the updater. It downloaded (slowly) and installed. One reboot and I had 1248 new packages installed without a hitch. No problems. The new Docky worked great (bye bye AWN), compiz worked great, I got the restricted ATI drivers by default without clicking a box, and even got a new Flickr Uploader (postr) that was apparently in the Intrepid repository. Spiffy!!! Virtualbox needed some love and a fresh download from the website, but that seems to be the case for any system update. New library for gqview? Better update Virtualbox.

Anyway, that’s it. Ubuntu 8.10 on my Asus A8. It just works.

and how about that spiffy desktop background terminal window?

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