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Fixing a WordPress RSS feed

The fine art of fixing a Wordpress (2.8.2 at the time of this posting) RSS feed. It’s not exciting reading and there’s very little Miata content. And no toy photos.


Firefox 3.5 in Ubuntu Intrepid

I managed to get Firefox 3.5 working in Ubuntu Intrepid before it was released in the official repository. Check out how. Please forgive the ranting.


Ubuntu Intrepid: Upgrade your Flickr Uploadr (postr) to

Just a quick entry for this. It’s hardly worth the effort, but I spent a good 10 minutes searching teh googles for the answer to this one. The official postr site has everything BUT the .deb file. So here we go. -Go to the jaunty postr page: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/sparc/postr/0.12.3-1ubuntu1 -Grab the .deb file near the top […]


Upgraded to Intrepid

Desktop - February, 2009

Yes! I’m up and running on the latest Ubuntu and am lovin’ life. Only 4 months late, but hey, I try. When I upgraded my test box at work from hardy to Intrepid, I did it THE FIRST DAY the new distro was released. I lived a week without good graphics drivers. I said I’d […]


Ubuntu Pocket Guide

I installed Ubuntu in the middle of last summer and have been using it exclusively at home ever since the install. I’ve been an off-and-on linux user since college (in 94!) but have never found a distro that really agreed with me or that I could get to work on a daily basis. Ubuntu 8.04 […]