The D Word?

In my eyes, Sharka has achieved perfection.

In my eyes, Sharka has achieved perfection.

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. Since finishing up with the NA6 interior really. Sharka has just felt so… good. Right. Perfect. Everything is exactly how I want it.

Sharka feels done.

My favorite place to sit in the world.

My favorite place to sit in the world.

This is not something I’ve ever felt before. There was always something that would inch Sharka toward that unattainable goal. Some rare Japanese part, some unreleased piece, some ultra-rare item. But that feeling has passed. It’s so strange. I cannot actually describe it.

I spot my car sitting in a parking lot, and I think “Yeah. That’s the stuff right there.” I sit in my car and a feeling of peace washes over me. I drive my car, even after the hardest of days, and the most mundane road makes me smile.

I have exactly what I always wanted in a Mazda Roadster.



I’m not saying there won’t ever be more in store for Sharka. There will always be maintenance. I can’t imagine a year going by without a couple new gauge face styles. And there will be small projects. I’ve had this old valve cover warming a shelf in the garage for years. I want to get it painted up and installed.

But I don’t see any more large projects in the pipeline. I think Sharka is done. Nothing left to do now but drive around and enjoy.

Anyone got a road trip idea?

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  • Dave says:

    Done? I don’t understand…

    • revlimiter says:

      That feeling one gets when one is finally sated. Usually applied to something like dinner, but can apply to other things as well. =)

      • Amrin says:

        Hey Adam, I really like the way Sharka turned out! Also, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you got the vinyl stripes for Sharka, I was thinking to give them a try on my car. Thank you 🙂

        • revlimiter says:

          The hood stripes? I had those cut at a local sign shop. Nothing special. Oracal 951 in 10″ center, 1″ outer stripes with 1″ spacing. That is… before I had the car painted and the stripes became paint.

          The door stripes were from R2Limited which closed. I think GarageStar currently does those. They did at one point anyway.

  • Scott says:

    Kinda makes me feel sad…

    • revlimiter says:

      I’m maybe a little sad. Maybe? Mostly though, I’m happy with my little car.

      Again, I’m not saying there won’t be small updates, but I think the big picture is finally painted.

  • Nick says:

    Maybe you’ll have to start tinkering with Bucky more?

    • revlimiter says:

      Maybe… but really, I like Bucky the way he is. Very reliable. Very comfortable. Great at getting my happy butt to work on snowy mornings (with snow tires installed) or home on 110*F summer afternoons.

      No, I might be looking to move Bucky out of the garage and park another hobby car next to Sharka.

      • Nick says:

        I find it kinda ironic, because I’m just starting to work on my MX5. And it’s an NB.
        If I didn’t have a garage for my MX5, I’d be doing 100mph into town so I could get one! I don’t think a car that special should be parked outside.

  • Chris says:

    To be honest I was hoping you would say you where “done” with Sharka. As I’m sure you know there is such a thing as too far and Sharka was right on the edge in my opinion. The only other thing I’d love to see done would be a Pitcrew Nose.

    • revlimiter says:

      As awesome as the Pitcrew nose is, I’ve just never wanted it for Sharka. I’ve had dozens of opportunities to buy one, but never went through with it. I guess I like the OEM nose and the popup headlights. IMHO, the Pitcrew would be “too far”.

      Same thing with a V8 swap. It might be fun, but I really love the character of the turbo. It just fits Sharka perfectly.

      • Chris says:

        A V8 would tons of fun in a miata, but I don’t think it fits Sharka’s personality. I’ve considered going turbo in the future over ITB, but seeing how neither option aren’t in my budget it’ll have to wait.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing a good PS job of the first pic on the page with a blended pit crew and rounded hood. It could change your mind on the whole idea.

        • revlimiter says:

          ROUNDED HOOD! Yes. Very yes. Not for Sharka, but for a Pitcrew. It always looks so nice in the Japanese pix. Not sure why no US cars have done the rounded hood.

  • OnePaintedMan says:

    I’m kinda sad but I’m with Chris. Sharka is perfect just as he is right now. Time to enjoy driving and create some memories on the road . . .can’t wait to see the photo journal! Coast to coast? Every state?

    • OnePaintedMan says:

      or. . .

      “One of my dreams is to ship Sharka over the pond and drive around Europe for a month or so. I’d love to have some Sharka in Belgium shots. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, but I’m hopeful”.

      • revlimiter says:

        I’ve actually done research for that trip! All the first hand accounts I read had the same complaint: damage to the car in shipping. Like, big damage. That turned me off to the idea a bit.

        • GT-Alex says:

          If you change your mind one day and want to come in Europe for a road trip, I know a lot of great places, mainly in France, Switzerland and Italy. Lots of stuff to see and great roads to drive.

          I’m sure you can find some reliable companies to ship a car, but it would probably won’t be cheap. I always dreamed of building a car to the point I wouldn’t like to change it anymore and then go for a world tour with it, so I would like to encourage you in this way 🙂

    • revlimiter says:

      Coast to coast… hmmm. That’s an idea. The only problem is making time to do it. But that’s what wintertime is for – planning.

  • Csquared says:

    I must say, to be done is a hard thing to come to. Eventually that wierdness that accompanies the word will wear off and you will feel this amazing sense of accomplishment. 🙂 The car looks amazing, well taken care of, and loved.

    As far as road trip ideas, My road trip in may is from San Diego,CA to Lubec,ME. Planning on doing it in my NA at the moment, in less I can pick up a good MSM for a steal. We shall see, either way, it is happening.

  • Steve says:

    If any Miata on the planet is “done”….it’s Sharka.

    I was going to warn you to be careful in thinking about him in that way because, for guys like you and me, a “done” project just spurns thoughts of what the next one will be. But I don’t think we have to worry about that. Besides, Bucky is a relatively blank canvas.

    Whatever your road trip, it needs to pass through Texas. Perhaps Austin – with some drives through hill country. I’ll see you there…

    • revlimiter says:

      I’ve been searching for a new project car already. It wouldn’t replace Sharka, but it would get a lot of posts written about it.

      Definitely need an Austin road trip.

  • Kharisma says:

    Have you ever considered a wide body/fender mod?

    • revlimiter says:

      Oh yeah. Many times. I don’t think there’s a mod in existence I’ve not considered. But I like Sharka with the stock fenders. My Star Sharks fit under them and I don’t have to worry about spacers or re-barreling.

  • Chad says:

    Great Job. It must be very satisfying to finally reach a place of contentment. I know how hard that is with a car. There is always something on the horizon. But it’s one of those things, you can’t mark the finish line. But you know when you cross it. May you have many years enjoying the fruits of your labour. Cheers.

    • revlimiter says:

      Thanks much!!! And yeah, the done feelings are strong in my garage at the moment. It’s wonderful.

      Of course, I say that now. Just wait, the weather will turn warm and I’ll come up with another dozen projects.

  • Rob R says:

    Can’t believe you’re actually saying it. Congratulations! Admittedly, I still think it needs a little more to the trunk lid, but maybe its just because I’ve been staring at our NB too long.
    P.S. If you happen to look in your mirror and see a truck barrelling toward you, pull around the car in front and floor it.

  • Stoly says:

    Let’s start planning an autumn get together in Texas! Check out Leakey, TX and the Three Twisted Sisters (FM 335, 336, and 337). Rooster, Scrat, and Sharka NEED to tear these roads up!

  • brontosaurus says:

    This is a plateau that’s good to reach. Glad you’ve made it 😀

    • brontosaurus says:

      Your KG-Works style crash pad is seriously the kicker, ugh. I want that and I don’t even have anything useful to put there.

      • revlimiter says:

        There’s ALWAYS something useful to put in there! I really like having my gauges in the crash pad. They’re a bit farther away in terms of distance than having them below the HVAC, but they’re easier to glance over and see. More in the line of vision, you know?

        BTW, congratulations on the new car!

  • davidpgh1 says:

    Greetings. Done huh? Yeah, yeah. Funny when the little guy comes around how unimportant the toys become.

    That’s what I thought.==Being done that is, I put my toys in the garage in 1982, however they were not done. Now that my kids are going away to school I guess I can take them out to work on and play with. Now if I can only figure out where to get some extra cash after paying tuition Lol.
    I enjoy your postings. Thanks.



    • revlimiter says:

      I don’t think it’s that. I spend a ton of time on car projects still even with my little girl running around. Heck, I own a business that produces car parts, so I kinda have to keep at it.

      No, it just feels like Sharka is perfect. Or very nearly perfect.

      And thanks for the kind words!

  • natedogg says:

    Built motor time? I’d agree the exterior is “done”, but you can always add more boost!

  • Samuli says:

    Now enjoy it in good healt. Maybe buy some old skool rims if they walk/talk to you.


  • John says:

    The D-word … Damn 🙂

    Somehow I don’t really believe you, knowing our kind you’ll find something to thinker with soon enough. Maybe sharka, maybe some other project. I’ll be watching this space closely.

    Anyway, enjoy the perfect Miata and keep us posted on your next project

    PS: if you ever decide to do that European road trip, drop me a line for the Belgian part.

  • EggsBaconandBeans says:

    I have got to ask you. What color is your miata. It looks blue, yet green, no, maybe some black. I mean, wow. I have never seen such an exotic color. It is awesome. The whole car is awesome.
    Great work, and you have every reason to be proud of it.

  • zealious says:

    Im sorry rev. But she needs the v8. she has to sound like she looks…. =D

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