Day 3: Chicago

Sharka roadtrip day 3: Chicago – Lotsa walking and no driving.

I saw some sights and museums and cool stuff today. I drove not one bit. It was awesome. The snow was less awesome, but at least I didn’t have to drive in it.

I brought snow.
I brought snow from Columbus. Chicago was fine when I got here, and then I woke up to this. Again, at least I didn’t have to drive (thanks Dave and April!)

The Art Institute

Target at the Art Institute
First stop was The Art Institute of Chicago. It is well worth the trip. I highly recommend it. Young and old, human and uglydoll – all will have a good time. Target soaked up the culture.


La Grande Jatte

Seeing paintings in person that I’ve only ever seen in textbooks or on computer screens is always fun, but Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte is one of my top 5 paintings. It was moving. I’m going back. That’s all there is to it. And I *have* to go back. Most of the modern art was off exhibit due to construction. May 16, 2009 is when it opens. I’ll be there!


hobbit hole
There was a room full of miniature rooms, set back into the wall and lit via “ambient” light coming through the windows in the tiny rooms. It was astoundingly cool. It was a totally unexpected exhibit to me. I went downstairs expecting a photography exhibit (which was also under construction) and got something way more cool.

Get that out of your mouth!
You just can’t take Uglydolls anywhere….

Tomorrow, if the weather lets me, I’ll make my way to Des Moines!

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  • Sarah says:

    Stay and see Sue. Clancy demands that you pay his respects to his “girlfriend.”

  • john says:

    May 16, 2009? …sounds like a date!

  • john says:

    and…seeing art in person (this coming from mr. rome) is completely different than txtbook understanding, no?

  • Maurine says:

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