I think this is how I’m gonna go home now. See, I’m stuck in Chicago. WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY? What’s this white stuff? Why does it fall and stay on the ground? Where’s the sky? This is not New Mexico.

Des Moines looks to have similar weather right now and the route between cities seems pretty crappy. The weather advisory in Des Moines calls for travel only in an emergency. I’m not in an emergency. I’m in a Miata. It sucks in the snow.

The weather in Saint Louis looks warm (40s) and sunny. And no snow till later in the week if any. It just gets warmer the farther south I go. I’m most likely going that direction. I miss warmth. I miss driving on dry pavement. I’m having a great time in Chicago, but I wanna be having a great time in the warm dryness of the south. So, tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll try to leave and make my way south.

Unless the weather magically gets better.

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  • Sam says:

    South! Go South!


  • Jams says:

    There’s a Las Vegas in NM!?

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