The Road Home

Day 6: Springfield, MO to Albuquerque, NM.

early riser
I woke up around 6am after a night of tossing and turning. The posh hotel was not anything near as comfortable as April and Dave’s house. I decided to just get up and hit the road. I left around 5:30am ABQ time. I had 750 miles to cover. I was on a mission.

Fuel Stop HDR
I stopped for the first gas of the day in Clairmore, Oklahoma along the I-44 toll road. It was all of 45 degrees at 7am. I can’t recall ever being so happy about 45 degrees. Most of OK was to have high 50s all day. Truly, I was going the right direction. Breakfast was some tasty biscuits and gravy across the road. Nom!

The I-44 toll road just might be the finest interstate road in the whole nation. It’s fast at 75mph. It’s not bumpy and the road is kept up well. There’s not a lot of traffic and very few big rigs trying to kill you. It’s straight and efficient. It’s not exciting like a mountain road, but it does the job of interstate travel well. And the two tolls of $3.50 each are well worth it. Two thumbs up, I-44!

The sights from the Missouri border to Tulsa are just gorgeous. Rolling hills and pretty vistas with ponds and horses and cattle. And LOTS of birds. It’s like the Bosque del Apache wildlife preserve, but for 150 miles at 75mph. And no traffic meant I got to gaze out the window a lot and take a lot of pix. I should have stopped more but I was on a mission to make it home.

prarie sky
I hit I-40 in Oklahoma City for a 530 mile stint straight west. The wind kicked up right out of town straight from the north. A stock NA Miata is not particularly aerodynamic, especially against a side wind. I struggled to stay in my lane for about 200 miles till I stopped for lunch. After a half hour’s rest, I got back on it and went a bit slower. The wind shifted to a bit of a tail wind and made the drive much more bearable. I shot this just east of the NM border when the wind allowed it.

Nothing beats NM. Nothing. I love it so.

Last Call
The last fuel stop of the trip was in Santa Rosa, about 140 miles from my door. Gas never tasted so good.

100 miles to go
Sunset lasted for a good half hour. Pretty shades of yellow and red. I saw the green flash a record (for me) three times. I’ve seen it maybe 2 other times in my whole life. It was good to be home.

I made it to my door at 6:49pm, safe and sound. It was a good trip. It is SO good to be home. Thanks for all the comments and well-wishes, everyone! Y’all really made me smile. I really didn’t expect anyone to keep up with this little trip or post on my blog.

Now to take this stock Miata and build him up…

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  • Sarah says:

    And now you’re home!

  • Rachel says:

    My mom works in Claremore, I recognize that Kum & Go! Hah.

    I’m glad you and Sharka reborn made it home safely, and found Oklahoma toll roads pleasant. 🙂

  • john says:

    you made it!!!!!!!!!

  • Ange says:

    Yy! Welcome home xxx

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