You’ve Got Mail

The UPS guy must hate me.

I came home tonight to find a huge wedge blocking my front door. At least they didn’t put the doormat over top of it like they usually do. That makes me wonder exactly how much the UPS guy hates delivering to my house? Over the last 9 years, I’ve ordered something like 16 sets of tires. Yes, that’s a conservative estimate. And this is the third rollbar I’ve had mailed to me. Yes, I’m pretty sure they don’t love me at the local UPS office.

Anyways, with a new Sharka, I get to redo all the things I’ve ever wanted to do over the past 9 years. I bought my original rollbar not knowing I’d ever desire or own a hardtop. I also never knew I might want a glass rear window soft top someday. It’s WAY too much work to remove a rollbar and put in a nearly identical one, so I just lived with it. I lived with my crappy plastic window the few weeks out of the year that the soft top was up and I figured out a good way to make the hardtop work.

Then I got hit on the freeway. Suddenly, I have a chance to make things absolutely perfect. The new rollbar is a Hard Dog Hard Core Double Diagonal M2 bar. It’s not a hardtop model, but I’ll just reuse my fancy Beatrush side latches and make the hardtop work with the bar. The important thing is the M2 designation and the glass rear window possibilities that allows. The bar is also exactly 40 lbs. That’s a weight saving of 8 lbs over my old rollbar thanks to no harness bar. yay!

I should also mention how nice the folks at Bethania Garage were to me when I sent them my sad story about losing my car and thanking them for their fine rollbar that probably saved my life. They cut me an outstanding deal on this new rollbar and are planning to use my story to help sell rollbar padding. I hope they do. The amount of folks out there with unpadded rollbars is scary.

My original bar is completely perfect and unbent. I’m gonna try to sell it cheap and locally. Anyone want a piece of Sharka? Let me know. HDHCDDM1 for sale, cheap!

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  • Doug Hagge says:

    Sounds like you had a good trip in spite of our weather conditions! Enjoy and thanks again for your purchase.
    Doug Hagge / Hagge Auto Sales

  • Jams says:

    I for one am VERY happy to see this roll bar turn up.
    We love the roll bar in our house for keeping your head connected to your shoulders.
    Long live the roll bar!

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