Once Upon a Sharksgiving Night



After almost 8 years, I finally replaced my trusty Nikon D800 camera. I shot over 100,000 frames with it in that time and it was getting a bit rough. I could have sent it into Nikon for servicing and refresh, but wanted to see what the new technology was like.

Enter the D780.

Like the D800, the 780 is a full frame traditional SLR. It’s a lot less heavy than the D800, has fewer megapixels (24.5mp vs 36.3mp) and is more consumer oriented. Sounds like a step back, yeah? The D780 has incredible low light capabilities, far higher ISO range (100 to 51200 vs 100 to 6400), and much better autofocusing in low light.

I love shooting in low light!

Mirror Mirror

The Interior.

The above interior photo was taken in the dark garage. ISO-51200 was chosen. No flash. Just insane. There’s some noise but it’s not terrible and it doesn’t take away from the details.

So I decided to drive around at night without a flash and see what I could get.

City Lights


Gotta shoot some gauges.

I got the good stuff. Everything came out looking beautiful on the little camera review screen and still lovely on the monitor. This D780 is a machine. I hope to get shoot some good stuff while owning it.

At the time of this writing, my yearly holiday sale is running. I’ve got weeks worth of orders, am totally burned out from long hours of working and answering upset customer emails and needed some time away from the shop. The new camera gave me a bit of the artistic outlet that I needed.

Look for more moody pix here and on my instagram in the upcoming weeks. I feel inspired to shoot again!

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  • Cosmin says:

    Lovely shots! Looking forward to many more night shots of Sharka, Cap, and Mona this winter!

  • Ant says:

    Lovely stuff! Were they shot handheld or with a tripod? I’ve spent the last who-knows how many years bouncing along the bottom of the Nikon range but debating taking the plunge into either a full-frame or a mirrorless at some point soon. Far from being a pro but the technology of the lower-end ones do become a bit limiting in some areas.

  • BW says:

    Beautiful shots!

    I really need to move on from my trusty D3100. Some better low-light performance like that would be tops!

  • David Warner says:

    Brilliant shots! I haven’t fooled with an SLR in a decade… but I never had such an epic ride to shoot back then either… hope I’m not one of the disgruntled customers contributing to your stress level! I’m more than willing to wait patiently for that SLR to document your new shift knob stock, thinking of grabbing a brake and Warbird gauge plate now too… YOU CAN’T RUSH ART!

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