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Better run for cover.

Better run for cover.

It’s been a while since I did a photo post. I think this photo deserved it. (You can click the photo to see it a bit bigger in case you didn’t notice the little magnifying glass.) This is the first posed Sharka photo since getting the turbo installed and running. And what an evening. The orange sky is real. It opened up just after this photo and rained for a little over an hour.

Dinner even had to wait till I was done shooting. Steak. Really good steak.

Technical details: this is a 6 exposure, handheld HDR composite. 5 shots for the HDR. One exposure gave me the little lightning bolt. Composited in Photoshop, then tone mapped in Photomatix, then brought back into Photoshop to add contrast and bring the colors back to reality. I used a separate single photo for color quality control. That’s the hard part of HDR photography. It’s really easy to create crap. It’s a bit harder to create reality with enhanced dynamic range.

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  • iTsvc says:

    Nice shot again..!

  • Jeremy says:

    You’ve got your original mirrors back?

    I Gmail chatted with Rod about his 1028 reproduction mirrors. He said he took them off his car after a week, and didn’t feel good about selling me a set. Why are your stock mirrors back on?

    • revlimiter says:

      Gonna send you an email.

      Every time I’d drive a Miata with stock mirrors, I’d think “whoa! REAL mirrors! I can see stuff!!!” So, I swapped out the 1028 mirrors with the stockers. And I’ve not really missed the 1028s. :/

  • homer says:

    What are you making in horsepower ?

  • Trip Ulvila says:

    This is such a sick car. I’m not a Miata fan usually, but this car is definitely the exception. Love everything that you’ve done, the bodywork, the RPF-1’s, the turbo. I bet this thing is a blast to drive.

  • Patrick says:

    I am so new to this I haven’t even thought of a proper handle!!
    I bought my first Miata this fall, NB1999. Black with tan leather interior. Very much stock. Not sure what to do with it first, but I do need to install a safety Roll Bar, first thing in the spring. I read alot about lowering the coils/springs. is this something that you recommend?
    I really would like to get a supercharger but am afraid that I might kill myself, it is such a blast to drive as is!!

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