Papa John’s Pizza Day

Om nom nom nom.... *vroom!!!* Om nom nom nom....

Om nom nom nom.... *vroom!!!* Om nom nom nom....

Today was Free Pizza Day at Papa John’s. If you drove a Camaro. Haven’t heard about it? Check out the Papa John’a Road Trip page for the story and come back. I’ll wait. It’s worth the click.

Anyway, I came home after work to this incredible whimpering sound from the garage. Sharka didn’t care that he wasn’t a Camaro, he wanted to go get pizza like the other cool kids! So here it is. Sharka with his pizza. I paid $6 since he wasn’t a Camaro, but it was worth it. The happy nomming and the look of contentment…. that’s gotta be worth a finsky and a onesky.

Enjoy that pretty gold Camaro, Mr. John Schnatter. And thanks for making a bunch of car guys very happy tonight.

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