Sharka is Link’d!

This news is woefully old. I’ve had the Link installed for almost 2 months and haven’t updated my blog!

Five by Five

See! Link!!!!! I love my Link ECU. The Link isn’t the newest, hottest ECU. It’s not even sold anymore and is considered "weak." I mean it can barely perform 100 calculations for every 1 degree of engine rotation at 7000 rpm (if I remember right). But I love it. The keypad interface is so enjoyable to use and I’m decent at tuning it. It’s one of those things that really gives Sharka the right personality. And thanks to the 1995 chassis build date, I’ll never have to remove the Link for emissions inspection.

There’s something immensely satisfying about driving a car that is running because YOU YOURSELF “programmed” the computer correctly. It’s a great feeling.

Boomslang Miata wiring harness

Sharka’s Link is the OBIWAN, which only plugs into 96 and 97 Miatas. Sharka’s current body is a 95. The above bundle of green wires makes this all work. I contacted a company called Boomslang about making a custom Miata wiring harness to make the late ECU and earlier Miata compatible. They asked for a wiring diagram which I happened to have saved and they mailed me this beauty a couple weeks later. $150 was all they wanted, $25 more than similar, pre-existing harness gender changers they already offered. I call this cheap at twice that price! I lived with a badly hacked up harness on my 97. That didn’t make life “fun” when I had to troubleshoot any sort of electrical issues.

Anyways, I plugged in this harness, plugged in the Link, and the car fired right up. Life is good, my friends.

Max Height

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