Alignment Time!


After getting my suspension all set where I wanted it, it was time for an alignment. I went over to Boulevard Automotive (2nd and Candelaria) and had Keith work his magic. $100 and some change and I went from basket case handling to smooth and precise. Well worth it.

Here are the before numbers. Sadly, I didn’t click until Keith started working on the front, so the screen darkened the back. This was shot from the driver’s seat, so I apologize for the low quality. Click to see the larger size. Notice the crazy toe-out in the front? Damn! No wonder bump steer was so bad. And -3.7 camber on one side in the back? Yikes.

And the after numbers. -2.1 camber in front, -2.7 in the back. Not too aggressive, but aggressive enough to give a decent ride through the corners. 1/8 toe-out in the front and 1/8 toe-in on the back.


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  • Manuel says:

    Interesting alignment specs. I don’t know what to ask for when I go to the alignment shop. I recently changed the torn boots over the steering rack ends as well as the torn boots over the TRE’s Of course, the alignment was way off afterward so I took it to the Firestone guys two blocks away. I knew I’d be lowering the car soon (Coil overs ordered) so I got the *lifetime aligment*. Could you suggest some alignment specs for a ’92 with some lowering? (I wont slam it, I gotta drive the thing and my 60+ yr old body can’t take it).

    • revlimiter says:

      I’ve had Sharka aligned once more since this last post. I went with -2.5 front, -2 rear. Camber, that is. 1/8″ toe-in all around. And whatever caster they could get in the front.

      Really, as long as the alignment is even, these cars are a blast to drive. You don’t want -2.5 on one corner and -1 on the other wheel sharing that axle. Anything else should be fine. 🙂

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