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Rear Air Dam Restoration

On top of the world.

The Mazda factory rear air dam for the Miata is a bit of a rare part. It was discontinued around 2002. I was fortunate enough to acquire one a few years back. A factory one, not a copy. I remember the day well. I held it in my hands. I admired it. And then I cut it in half so it would fit my trailer hitch.


Drilling For Oil

Step 1: Locate your oil pan.

A detailed, step-by-step of putting a big hole in your Miata’s drain pan. And then tapping that hole for a drain line. Because even turbos need to potty.


Photoshoot: Sharka at the Railyard

Sneaking into the Railyard

A full photoshoot of Sharka in the abandoned AT&SF Railyard. Could there ever be a better place for car pix?


Elise Seat Curtain Call

The most comfortable pieces of plastic you'll ever sit on.

A final (maybe?) post about my Elise seats. By popular demand – tracings of my rear seat brackets! In PDF format! I’m pretty proud.


Beep – Star Panorama

Where will Beep go today?

Just a single shot of Beep (my Mazda3) out on a dirt road under the stars. Well, it’s SIX shots of Beep all stitched together. Check it out.


Momo Prototipo follow up

Momo Prototipo - all shined up

What better way of spending a Friday night than polishing the spokes on a brand new steering wheel? My Prototipo is now very shiny. No in-progress pix, just finished, polished hotness.


The Shark and the Xebra

Girls and Cars

A real, live girl posing with a Miata? No way.



Listen to the music of the traffic in the city

As you can probably guess from the photos, there’s a theme. See, there’s a ClubRoadster sticker contest. These are my entries. I went downtown early in the morning and played on the empty streets with my car and camera. Well worth the lost sleep. And now for a little EXIF data for the four photos. […]


Alignment Time!


After getting my suspension all set where I wanted it, it was time for an alignment. I went over to Boulevard Automotive (2nd and Candelaria) and had Keith work his magic. $100 and some change and I went from basket case handling to smooth and precise. Well worth it.


Processor Over Matter

Processor over matter

Transformers Animated’s Prowl takes the Plastic 52 slot from Prime this week. I found (finally!) the Samurai armor version of him at Target last weekend and have been scheming on a photo that would do him justice…