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More Vent Rings

Art Deco vent rings.

More vent ring styles! Art Deco and gloss black powdercoat.


Sharka’s Vent Rings For Sale

Sharka's Vent Rings

I have another cool item in my store. The same vent rings Sharka has worn since I bought him back in 2000. Not replicas or recreations. The Same Ones. Produced by the same shop.


Japanese Quilted Goodness

Nakamae quilted transmission tunnel cover.

Nakamae They’ve made high end Eunos Roadster interior parts for longer than I’ve been involved in the hobby. And that’s kind of a long time! I’ve lusted after their stuff since the first day I saw it, but the opportunity to buy any of their fine products never arose.

Until now.


NA6 Dash Restoration Project

This humble dash is about to get the star treatment.

In this post, I repair and restore a 20 year old Miata dashboard from the 1.6 liter era. It took me a week and there’s a twist at the end. Check it out.


2011 Gauges – Version Rossa

Fresh from the cutting table.

In between gauge face commissions, I’ve been working on a new set for myself. Sharka has been wearing his old gauges (called “Revolution”) since around April of last year. I’ve been feeling a little tired of them and craving something a little more vintage looking. Something flashy and yet minimalist. Something that really complemented my KG Works gauge cluster.

To borrow a line from Jeremy Clarkson: And here it is.


Only I Can Prevent Sharka Fires

Grimlock is interested. That worries me...

Cheap insurance against losing Sharka to a bad fuel line – a halon fire bottle and mount that slides with the seat. Oh, and a robotic T-rex.


Works Bell Rapfix QRSII Quick Release

The hub-side of the quick release.

In hopes of adding a little security to my Roadster, I’ve added a Works Bell quick release. And I took a whole ton of photos of it!


Contents Under Pressure

The center gauge pod at night.

Sharka gets a new Classic Instruments boost gauge to replace a tired “modern” one. The result is this post and far too many pix of a single gauge.


Small Things

Vintage Inspired

I did a few small things to Sharka this past weekend. Stuff that might not normally make it to my blog. Just little things to get out of the house and enjoy an unexpectedly warm January weekend.


Japanese Car Parts and Film

Smooth idle.

The lead image for this post was shot by my newest camera, a Nikon F3 film camera. The F3 was the last professional manual focus camera that Nikon made. My copy comes from 1985. 10 years older than Sharka.


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