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NA6 Vintage Dash Install part 1

That's gonna need to come out...

After nearly a year of back-burner-sitting, my 1600 vintage dash is finally going in Sharka. FINALLY! Check out the install. Finished pix are in the next post.


A Dozen Tiny Updates

Original buckles...

Updates. I got ’em.

This post is a collection of updates to past posts that I’ve been meaning to do for months now. There are so many that I thought I’d make a post about it. I’m actually rather embarrassed about how many updates there are and how far back they go… the first was an update I meant to post in April.


Keep Calm and Don’t Lift

Keep Calm and Don't Lift!

More shirt designs in my tee shirt shop. Check it out!


40″ Height No Longer A Requirement

Version GT-40 for the NB

Yes, more gauges. Lots of posts about them recently. I’ve just been making so many! They’re always on my mind. My latest set? Version GT-40. And as you might have guessed from the name, they’re inspired by the 40″ tall Le Mans-winning sports car. But spending six figures or more to sit behind them is […]


How to Eliminate Miata Gas Fumes (I hope…)

Thermo-Tec 3' exhaust heat shield.

Got a smelly trunk? How about a lot of excess pressure in your gas tank? This post might be just the thing to fix you up. Maybe. I hope.


Dentist Recommended

Bleche Wite. The good stuff.

Do you see that tire? The letters are really that yellow. The bottle is white. The letters are not. Something had to be done.


Just look at this keychain.

Just look at it.

Just look at it.


Long Distance Roadster

Sitting still is rare for this white NB.

It’s been the month for visits from Sharka’s distant relatives. This time, a 99 NB belonging to a fellow named Jessie came to town. And they came the long way. Albuquerque was on about mile 6800 of their journey.

6800 miles!


Spotlight: Rooster

Rooster - 96 R2 Limited

The Spotlight shines on Steve’s white R2 Limited Roadster in this post. Come check out the Rooster.


Guest Blog – ….and then drive some more.

The horizon hinted at what the day had in store.

Geoff pointed out in an earlier blog entry that I drove 20 hours just to hang out for 16 hours. To be honest, the math kinda surprised me…I didn’t think to think of it that way. On the surface it’s true. But to me the 10 hours there and back (each way) was a part […]


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