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Spotlight – Kirin

Kirin sitting by the main tent.

The spotlight falls over Kirin, the 93 LE owned by Randy of


Spotlight: Blue Jay

A wild Blue Jay appears!

I got a DM on instagram the other day from my buddy Jeo. He was gonna be coming through town and wanted to meet up. And it was on the ONE day this week that I could do something, soooo… it’s spotlight blog post time! A word of warning – I was woefully unprepared for […]


Spotlight: Warbird

Somewhere on a quiet street...

I’ve not done a spotlight post in quite a long time and this one is long overdue. I got to meet Chad and Warbird in person last September when I was in Texas for the Millionth Miata event. All of these pix were snapped by my camera. I’ve known Chad for quite a while. As […]


revlimiter Drives an ND

A wild ND appears!

This is something I’ve been putting off for a while. I didn’t want to drive an ND. See, I know myself. I’ve been me for a while now and am pretty good at it. I knew I would want one after driving it. I was right. I want one. The ND is fantastic. But let’s […]


Packard Perfection

1949 Packard Super Eight

A small departure from the usual Miata content. This post features something a little bigger and more luxurious.


Long Distance Roadster

Sitting still is rare for this white NB.

It’s been the month for visits from Sharka’s distant relatives. This time, a 99 NB belonging to a fellow named Jessie came to town. And they came the long way. Albuquerque was on about mile 6800 of their journey.

6800 miles!


Spotlight: Rooster

Rooster - 96 R2 Limited

The Spotlight shines on Steve’s white R2 Limited Roadster in this post. Come check out the Rooster.


Spotlight: Flipper


Time for another spotlight post! This time, the light is cast on a nearly-quarter-million-mile-old 92 named Flipper. Flipper belongs to my buddy Stoly (as you might have surmised from his excellent guest post.)


Spotlight: Evan’s 10AE


I’m trying something new on the blog – spotlight posts! None of my cars will be starring in these posts. Instead, the spotlight will be pointing at some of the other gorgeous Roadsters around the world. Cars that inspire me, cars I’ve long admired, cars belonging to friends and fellow forum members.