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Steering wheels as art.

I acquired a new steering wheel for my collection the other week. But this post is not about that. I’ll have a post dedicated to that beauty soon. This post is about the wild idea I had when trying to figure out storage for my steering wheel collection.

See, I’d been using a shelf in the garage. The wheels were all protected in their original Momo and Nardi boxes, but they were still out in the garage. Not the best place for such beautiful objects. And definitely not where I wanted to store my new M2 steering wheel. It is such a piece of art.

And that’s when the idea hit me. Art. It deserves to hang on the wall.


No Schumacher comeback

Schumacher isn’t coming back. His neck hurts. And my soul hurts. I was SO looking forward to this…


Schumacher is BACK!

The AP is reporting RIGHT NOW!!! 16 minutes ago, that Michael Schumacher will replace the injured Felipe Massa at Ferrari for the rest of the season following a health check. Cause, ya know, he might not be FIT to drive an F1 car. heh.