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Chance91 Elise Seat Brackets

Chance91 seat bracket design - copyright Chance91

A few months ago, a guy by the name of Nick email me about my Elise seat brackets. He wanted to make a design to sell based on the scans I posted here. I was against it at first. All of the posts I make here are only for enthusiast use, not for corporations to line their pockets. I answered back in an angry manner. “NO SEATS FOR YOU!!!!” etc.

But I was totally wrong.


Elise Seat Curtain Call

A final (maybe?) post about my Elise seats. By popular demand – tracings of my rear seat brackets! In PDF format! I’m pretty proud.


Lotus Elise Seats in a Miata

Driver's side bracket - click for larger

After months of sitting in my living room, my Lotus Elise seats have been relocated to their rightful place – mounted in Sharka! Check out the post for lots-o-pix of the seats and the seat brackets.


Interior Project Spyshots!

Some in-progress shots of a few projects I’ve been gathering parts for over the past couple months. Got some vinyl, some shiny bits, and an Elise seat update! Man, I can’t wait to sit in some Elise seats…