5 Minute Mod – Fix Your KGW Cluster Alignment

Here’s a super quicky mod that will likely only benefit a handful of Miata enthusiasts. But for those handful, this is 5 minutes very well spent.

See that bottom row of text? It's half cut off.

See that bottom row of text? It’s half cut off.

So you went to all the trouble of tracking down a KG Works gauge cluster. MAYBE you filled it with some revlimiter Gauges. And then you install it and see…

RFlTS? Shouldn’t that be BELTS?

The bottom line of text seems cut in half by the Miata steering column cover. And yet… Sharka’s isn’t. Some others you see online are aligned right. But yours? Nope.

Maybe your car just sucks? Or maybe your cluster was a Monday cluster? So you decide to just live with it.

NO! It can be fixed.

The easy fix - prop up the cluster.

The easy fix – prop up the cluster.

1: Remove the gauge hood. You’ve done it before to get the KGW cluster in there. They either break or they don’t. Yours would have already broken, so have faith. It’ll come out fine. Also remove the steering column cover so that you can get the gauge hood off.

2: Cut a small 1 cm (about a half inch) piece of fuel hose or vacuum hose. Something rubber. Then cut that hose in half so you have two half moons.

3: Unscrew your cluster (4 corner bolts) but leave it in the car and plugged in. Then place one half moon of hose under each corner of the cluster as seen in the photo above.

4: Get the cluster pegged back into place. Then install the screws, gauge hood, and steering column cover.

5: Admire your work.

So much better!

So much better!

Worth the 5 minutes? YES! No more need to feel bad about your cluster alignment. Go proudly post pix on all of your favorite forums and social media outlets.

And thanks very much Pete for letting me rip into Benny. =)

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  • Klaus says:

    Thank you, I’ll have to give it a try in the next few days!

  • Paul B says:

    Definitely doing this when I get a new gauge cluster! Thanks for the easy tip.

  • Ren says:

    great tip,and slightly off topic but do you think you’ll be selling anymore gauge rings?

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