The huge news out of last week: I PASSED EMISSIONS!!!!!!! Oh my GOD! The weight that fell off my shoulders when I was handed the little piece of paper. You have no idea. I had no idea! I was apparently really really worried about it. The new 95 passed with no problems though.

HC – Allowed: 180, Measured: 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CO – Allowed: 1.20, Measured: 0.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 95 runs CLEAN! I need to rip that cat out and keep it on a shelf for re-install every 2 years. I will replace it with another good one though. I’ve got two.

Man. I passed emissions. Life is good. And it was so easy! All I had to do was fail a bunch of times, drive about 3000 miles around town waiting for the computer to set the Ready Code, get hit on the freeway and nearly lose my life, get a concussion, be depressed for a month, shop for two months, find a car, buy a plane ticket, buy a car, drive back, get stuck in a blizzard in Chicago, hang out with some dear friends, drive 2000 more miles, get home, and try the emissions again. Yup. Easy.

Also, Vietnam 2000 Restaurant and Emissions for the win! Love that place.

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  • Sharon Bloom says:

    Vietnam 2000 is the only place to go when there is any doubt! Love them.
    Congrats, and glad you’re home safe.

  • lizeth says:

    Nice article thank you for sharing!

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