Sharka and Bucky

Sharka and Bucky

“Hey Bucky, I got my oil changed!”

“Oh yeah? I getting mine done too! He’s not even finished yet.”

“Well, I also got my high flow cat re-installed.”

“Some of us can pass our emissions tests without having to swap cats, Sharka.” *flexes*

“He also put my rear frame brace back in. I feel all tight.”

“That doesn’t even do anything except make your exhaust rattle. He fixed MY burnt out fog light. You don’t have those.”

“I have new gauges.” *preens*

“You don’t have your Star Sharks.”

“That’s cause I still have on race wheels. See?” *wiggles tires* “Next race is in two weekends.”

“Man… I wanna go race…” *pouts*

“Maybe when the little driver grows up, you’ll get to race with her.”

“But that’s so long from now!!!” *sobs* “They might not even have GAS by then!” *cries uncontrollably*

“SSH! He’s coming back…”

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  • zoona says:

    You are mental. But I hear them too…

  • Bryan says:

    The Tick is thankfully not as sullen as he should be. He’s more like an old Golden Retriever, happy to see me whenever I happen to show up.

  • Danny says:

    This just made my day!! It is hilarious!

  • spindiscs says:

    Michelangelo was said to be a little crazy as well.

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