Keep Calm and Don’t Lift

I’ve got a couple new shirts in my spreadshirt store and a better picture of one of the old ones…

Keep Calm and Don't Lift!

Keep Calm and Don’t Lift!

This idea hit me rather suddenly. The KEEP CALM shirts, posters, bumper stickers, and buttons have permeated everything lately. I think I was sitting and watching Top Gear. A star was driving the reasonably priced car and Clarkson yelled out, NO! DON’T LIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it hit me.


The icon at the top? A Nardi Classico steering wheel illustration. This design took me all of an hour to create. It printed out great. I made one tiny modification and removed the logo from the sleeve. It seemed like a good idea when I first made it, but the logo doesn’t go with the text. Much better without.

If you’d like one, go grab it! I have both black and white text versions to work with any color shirt you want.

Star Shark

Star Shark

Here’s a reprint of one that I posted about last time – my Star Shark wheel. Except instead of being on a dark brown shirt that hid the design, it is now on a “natural” color shirt which is actually a decent match for Sharka’s gold wheels. I’m really happy with how this came out.



Next up, an SSR / RS Watanabe RS-8 shirt! This one is inspired by and illustrated directly from the wheels on Rooster, Steve’s R2 Limited Roadster.

The print isn’t perfect. See the gap between the black and the silver near the top? That’s not supposed to be there. And see the evidence of a black ring near the outside of the barrel at the bottom? That’s supposed to go all the way around. Spreadshirt didn’t do a very good job on this due to the printing method I chose. I’ve since updated the printing method so that it’s all computers. No workers can misalign things anymore. I’ll have to order another one of these RS-8 shirts and update this post.

Sharka's button collection.

Sharka’s button collection.

I added these buttons a while back as a way to get to a discount level. Know when you’ve got a few items in a shopping cart and are at like $48 bucks? And you get free shipping at $50? And you don’t want to buy another $20 tee shirt? Just add some buttons. I make, I think, 10 cents profit on a batch of them. It’s just to get someone some free shipping or something like that and is the cheapest item spreadshirt sells. And they’re rather awesome looking.

I’m including a button in the goodie bag in each order from my store now. Been doing that for a couple of weeks.

Oh yeah… one more thing…

New shirt!

New shirt! has some new shirts too! Randy, meister of the MR board, sent me this one as a gift for being a sponsor. And I must say, it is very nice. If you want one, hit this thread and post.

And if you want some of my shirts, that address again is =)

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  • Andy Thompson says:

    Nice design; on a T-shirt in the UK, the message though might have an unfortunate double entendre

  • Steve says:

    Good Lord! RS-8 Shirt!

    Spot on.

  • Matt Clawson says:

    My shirt shipped on Friday. Can’t wait.
    Being the son of a British mother, we have had the original design in the family in various forms over the years (T-shirts, posters, etc).
    I love your take on it.

    • revlimiter says:

      Sweet! Thanks for the order. If you’d not mentioned it, I wouldn’t even know! heh. Spreadshirt isn’t huge on notifying people of sales.

      I’ve got a couple new designs I need to order and photograph…

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