2010 ClubRoadster.net Calendars!!!

ClubRoadster.net 2010 calendar cover

2010 CR.net calendar cover. Look familiar?

The 2010 ClubRoadster.net calendar is finally here! I wasted no time getting it in the lightbox for some pix. I mean, check out that cover! The photo prints are of the highest quality. It’s really an outstanding calendar.

Order your calendar today! Or WIN a CR.net calendar from revlimiter.net.

Target appreciates Randy's Roadster

Target appreciates Randy's Roadster

Cinko threw himself into his new job as booth babe.

Cinko threw himself into his new job as booth babe.

Cinko and Target argue over which Roadster is the hottest.

Cinko and Target argue over which Roadster is the hottest.

So how do you win one? It’s easy. Just spread the word.

1: Make a post about the CR.net calendars somewhere public and INCLUDE THE CR.NET FORUM LINK. http://www.clubroadster.net/vb_forum/showthread.php?t=27448

Post on another car forum. Post on your twitter. Write a blog post. Do something with your camera and post on flickr. Don’t post something on a private Facebook wall that few people are allowed to see. I want you to do this publicly and get the word out and post in as many places as you can. And replying to my post about this contest on cr.net DOES NOT COUNT.

2: Then make a comment here in this blog with a link back to your public posting. You have until Monday (1/25/10) evening. At that time, I’ll close comments on this blog post, assign numbers to each comment, and have a random number generator give me a winner. Then I’ll contact offline and mail you your calendar.

Buy a calendar today!

Buy a calendar today!

Annnd… GO!!!

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    • revlimiter says:

      That kind of facebook posting is totally cool. I meant more like the people with the crazy-insane-locked-out profiles that only 2 other people can see. Those people would need to find some other means of spreading the word.

  • flyineunos says:

    Well I posted this on the Dodge ram forum I am also on.


    Thanks Revlimiter for have this contest. If I dont win I will just buy one.

  • theoffspring99us says:

    The most craptastic forum on the Internets!


  • Hafadai says:

    Threw it on my blog~


    Don’t look too deeply into the entry title. lmao

  • Alex says:

    heres a start for me:

    too bad i dont visit the honda forums any more lolzz but ill try. =]