The Office

The Office

Not much to talk about here, I just wanted to post this shot of Sharka’s interior to the blog. I’ve tried to take shots like this before that show the whole interior without focusing on a specific small part and have sometimes struggled with it. It’s hard to get a good angle that gives a sense of how it is to sit in the car. When I saw this shot in the camera’s viewfinder, I had that feeling of “that’s it!!!” and clicked the shutter. Just a simple shot, but I feel it gives a good feel to the 95’s clean interior.

Not a lot of car work going on right now. I got a crazy stomach virus a couple days ago and have been laying on the couch wishing for death. The weather also turned a bit cold again, so there’s not been much progress.

And my blog informs me that wordpress 2.7.1 is out and PLEASE UPDATE NOW! I bet that’ll take me a few minutes after I hit that shiny Publish button…

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  • Kyra says:

    Very nice shot!

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