Retro HVAC Panel Preview

Retro HVAC Panel - version... 9?

Retro HVAC Panel - version... 9?

I wanted to share something that I’ve been working on for a while. And by a while I mean I have about 60 hours in this project so far. I think I have about another 10 before I have a final version.

This is my Retro HVAC Panel! Over the years, quite a few folks have asked for one of these. Ever since I made my first set of gauges. I’ve always declined because of how delicate the gauges are and how a few finger prints can ruin them. Something that’s always getting touched like this HVAC panel needed to have some sort of surface coating. I could never figure out a way to make it fingerprint-proof until recently. A little non-glare laminate and things started to come together.

Designed to work with the AWD metal panel.

Designed to work with the AWD metal panel.

As the top caption alludes to, I’ve done many of these test versions. 6 different versions just to get the little slider inlay to fit in the panel perfectly. Measuring only got me so far. I had to do trial and error to get a perfect fit. And each version has been a struggle. This little panel is way way more work to cut out than a full set of gauges. DIFFICULT!

But worth it.

And as a bonus, I designed it to work with the AWD metal plate. Since I had the part on Sharka already, there was no reason not to have it work.

Night Mode - version 2

Night Mode - version 2

I’ve tried few different backlighting gels and have something that works pretty well. I’m up to 3 versions of the lighting layer so far. The Recirculate and Fresh indicators were still a bit bright on v2. Version 3 took care of that, but I didn’t take any pix of that one yet.

I’ll be finished with this little panel shortly and then I’ll be offering it for sale in my store. Maybe as early as next week!

So… what do you think?

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  • Corey says:

    I love it! I have been looking to replace mine for a while! this looks like it would really suit my style. great job!

  • John Paul says:

    Gorgeous retro HVAC panel.

  • Matt says:

    Beautiful! Are you planning on offering different options like you do for the gauges?

    • revlimiter says:

      I’ll definitely do a green lighting option and give customers the chance to customize the text or whatever for an additional fee. But there probably won’t be a dozen different versions of this panel.

      I might do one without any text. A pictogram version similar to stock. But that would be down the road a little.

  • Taylor says:

    ill take a set Adam. let me know when they are ready

  • Phil says:

    I’m newer to Miata world and I love your work and passion Adam. I agree with Taylor, let me know when they’re ready because I would love a set! Keep it up man.

  • Tangoman says:

    Hi Adam,
    Will you be producing these in similar styles to your gauges? I particularly like Your spyder gauges, and a matching HVAC would be great.

    • Adam says:

      I’ll only be making this one style, at least at first. I have something insane like 100 hours in this project. Not gonna be re-designing this little panel for a long while.

      However, it’s funny you mention the Spyders. That’s the font I used on the HVAC panel.

  • Victor says:

    This looks great! Do you still make these for sale?

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