The Stig Revealed!

The Stig!

This is a small departure from my regular blog stuff. The Stig was just revealed on BBC. We here in the US have to check Youtube for this kind of thing, so go watch.

Is he always the Stig? Probably not. How many Stigs have there been? Maybe dozens! None of that matters to me. Just for today, it was like I saw proof on my browser screen that Santa Claus was real.

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  • Bryan says:

    Schuie? I thought Damon Hill wore the helmet at one time as well.

  • Kurt says:

    I noticed on your webpage a monsterflow carbon fiber intake tube. I’ve been searching for months to purchase one. do you know where I can come by a NEW one. If not, I will settle for a used if in good condition.


  • revlimiter says:

    Bryan: I suspect MANY of the big stars they bring on are The Stig that week. Mika Hakkinen HAD to have been Stig’d for a few episodes at least. But still, it was awesome that the first unmasking would be Schumie.

    Kurt: There’s nowhere you can buy a new one. Those tubes are way way rare and haven’t been made for years. As for used, maybe ebay. Make one of those auto search emailers and hope for the best.

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