Custom revlimiter Badges

revlimiter Badges - customized
revlimiter Badges - Customized for YOUR car.


  • Is there a badge style you want not listed in my store? Let me make it for you.
  • Price: Custom badges start at $65 each plus shipping. That includes the badge and a half hour of design time assuming you choose a standard vinyl color that's in stock (see below). If more than a half hour is required, the final cost will be a bit higher. Really, it just depends on how much you want done, how well you can communicate your ideas, and how many hours it takes to finish.
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A selection of GT-R logo items. I think every shop makes these. I had to throw my version into the ring.

A selection of custom-color Elanore badges and keychains. This was the 4th or 5th time I'd made the Elanore badges in yellow and green, so they became a regular store item.

Daft Punk
A custom order from a long time supporter. This hand-drawn Daft Punk badge has all foil colors. It glows in the sun.

Brushed Yotsuba
I did a short run of brushed Yotsuba clover badges. The brushed metal foil looks slick doesn't it?

The vintage Toyota TEq badge! Pearl white and red with chrome foil. This became a regular item.

The Elanore badge in LE red with a white background instead of black. Very smooth.

A pair of Rarity badges to match the custom gauge faces, AEM faces, and HVAC that I created. Also, keychains!

A custom badge for a Honda-swapped Miata. This was part of an order that included matching Honda-inspired gauges.

With a pair of custom Monda keychains to complete the set.

Type H
A vintage H logo meant for a non-Miata. Check out the shots of it installed.

red model 36 emblems
This is a set of the Model 36 badges in red. The customer wanted the Mazda logo from the RX-2 used. The results speak for themselves.

My Type-M keychain done as a badge with a yellow background.

How to Order

Custom badge orders are done via email. I make the badges by hand in small batches. Obviously your custom design will not be in stock, so there will be a short wait after we work out the details until I can ship your parts.

Go to my order form and we'll get something shiny on your car ASAP.

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