Installed Badges

85mm badge
The 85mm badge fits larger cars wonderfully. It also covers the mounting holes on an NB2 (01-05) nose.

Sharka nose badge
NB2 cars will have to have the holes filled from the large emblem before mounting one of these 58mm badges.

Sharka hardtop badge
The 50mm badge is perfect for a hardtop...

Bucky fender badge
... or a fender.

Bucky trunk badge
The 50mm badge is also perfect for the NB trunk lid. No hole filling required.

Bucky got to test the fender badges for a few months before they were available for sale. Sharp eyes might notice the center caps as well...

Sharka and his custom hardtop Yotsuba badges.

Chaste - another early badge tester. If it wasn't for this car, the badges wouldn't exist.

Custom Winged-M fender badges. Difficult to make, but so pretty.

S2000 nose emblem
The first Type H badge, made for my buddy's S2000.

How to Order

Orders are done via email. I make the badges by hand in small batches. I usually have the above models in stock. If you want any changes made, it will likely take a little bit. Like the gauges, everything here is made by one guy, the dude who runs this website and drives Sharka. Please be aware that you might have a short wait time between placing your order and when I'm able to make your items.

Go to my order form and we'll get something shiny on your car ASAP.

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