Gen3 Gauge Modification

revlimiter Gauges - Modified Warbird
revlimiter Gauges - Modified to your own specifications.


  • Don't like my choice of zero position for the tach and speedometer? Change it! It's quite resource intensive, since I have to cut a full sheet of gauges, but it can be done.
  • Move the tach redline up or down. Grow it or shrink it. Or add more range to the tach and speedo if you like. They don't stop working till about 10mm counter-clockwise from the zero mark.
  • Change the font style used on the gauges. You must have the font file to send me if you make this request.
  • Change the color of the face to something other than black. Want white? Sure. Want to match a color? That takes a bit of time to accomplish, but should be doable.
  • Want a different logo on the tach than is present on the gauges you like? Sweet! I've got nearly every logo Mazda has ever done. And if I don't have it, I can draw it up for you.
  • Price: Modifications are charged on a time-required basis. I charge time fractionally based on $40 per hour. A font change might take 30 minutes, so that would be $20 extra for example. Extra charges for your set just depends on how much you want done and how many hours it will take me.
  • Go to the Custom Order Form

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Snow White Delta

revlimiter Gauges - White JNC
A simple order - Delta gauges in white for a Canadian customer who's fond of the weather up there.

revlimiter Gauges - JNC

revlimiter Gauges - JNC
The white is VERY stark white. Hard to photograph, but beautiful in person.

revlimiter Gauges
White ghosted lighting with white LEDs.


revlimiter Gauges - Montego
This was a re-order. The customer really wanted his red tach Warbird gauges done with the Gen3 colors and materials. It took about 45 minutes to convert the colors and artwork over to Gen3 spec.

revlimiter Gauges - Montego
The red is insanely vibrant. I could never produce this kind of thing with the Gen2 materials.

revlimiter Gauges - Montego

revlimiter Gauges
White LEDs really make the gauges pop at night.

OEM+ Creme

revlimiter Gauges - OEM+
This was a request for as close to the OEM NB 6:00 creme gauges as I could possibly make. Note the scale - 200 mph.

revlimiter Gauges - wy?
As OEM as possible. And NO ghost lighting. This is my first attempt at using the translucent blacks that Gen3 allows.

revlimiter Gauges - oem

revlimiter Gauges
It wasn't at all easy, but I did it. No ghost lighting through the black numbers. Perfect artwork alignment and as close to the OEM amber/red color as I could get. I hope

Laguna Blue

revlimiter Gauges - Laguna
The spot colors I can print with the Gen3 gauges allows me to get a lot closer to actual paint shades. This is as close as a Laguna Blue color as I can achieve.

revlimiter Gauges - Jazz
The blue background has a lot of depth to it for not being actual paint. As light and shadow moves across it, you get a lot of color change in the faces.

revlimiter Gauges - Jazz

revlimiter Gauges
Light leaks from the needle centers create the blue around the center of the gauges. It looks pretty awesome on this set.

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About the Ordering Process

Every item in this store is hand-crafted, made one set at a time. Everything is made to your specs. There's no mass production. Because of this, there might be a short delay between placing your order and shipping. Gauges usually take a couple days to make. If there's a long wait list, I'll contact you via email to inform you of any delays.

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