Custom revlimiter Keychains

revlimiter Keychains - customized
revlimiter Keychains - Customized for YOUR car.


  • If you can imagine it, I can probably make it.
  • Any style you want. It could be based on an existing logo or design or on something you've dreamed up.
  • Just want to change a color on an existing style? No problem! Custom colors add $10 to a keychain order.
  • If you request a certain font style, you must have that font in your collection to send me.

  • Price: Custom keychains start at $35 each plus shipping. That's the standard keychain charge ($15) plus a half hour of my time to create your design ($20). I charge $40 per hour for Miata-related design work. Really, it just depends on how much you want done, how well you can communicate your ideas, and how many hours it takes to finish.
  • Just want a color change on an existing design? Cost would be $25 for the fist keychain and the regular price of $15 for each copy.
  • Go to the Order Form


revlimiter Keychains - Miatapalooza
The official Miatapalooza 2017 keychain!

revlimiter Keychains - custom
And the matching official Miatapalooza 2017 dash plaque. This one is just a domed sticker. It gets applied directly to the location of your choice. It's pretty tiny. That allows more possible mounting locations in any year Miata.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
So hard to get a sense of how these look with a still photo. This angle gets some of the shine and color shift across.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
The set will only be available at Miatapalooza 2017. 50 sets to be sold and 10 to be given away.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
The single most intricate design I've done to date. This is the classic Dodge Brothers logo. Each bit is hand drawn including the text. I put around 3 hours of work into this.

A key and horn combo for a buddy on an epic Miata Roadtrip.

revlimiter Keychains - Custom
The Star Shark one is for Sharka. Bronze to match his SSR wheels. The striped SSR keychain was one of my first color tests. It worked very well IMHO.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
Martini Racing!!! All pearl colors on this one with chrome foil. It came out super crisp.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
The classic KGW design. I do these only upon request. Mine is a bit different than the keychain that actually came from KGW, but the inner design is identical.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
A Techno Phantom keychain to go with a center cap order. Chrome and gold foil with dark blue and red.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
phillyb hates everyone. you should visit his phorum and he can throw some hate on you too!

revlimiter Keychains - custom
A keychain for the MazdaRoadster forum!

revlimiter Keychains - custom
The limited edition version of the keychain. 10 of these were made.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
A pair of keychains for Dave of Dave's Garage. This pair started out as a Version Eunos.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
A custom keychain for Keith. You know Keith. I sent him the above Martini Racing keychain and then he turned around and ordered this little one for his daily driver.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
It's the same tach as the one on his set of custom GT40 gauges, just really tiny. Here's some every day objects to put it in scale. The eyes of the Lego minifig look pretty big compared to the tach details.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
A trio of 80s inspired keychains.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
A very curious flame logo. I'm not sure how many folks have ever seen one of these. Or rather, how many saw one and had no idea what they were looking at.

A pair of Rarity keychains to match the custom gauge faces, AEM faces, and HVAC that I created.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
"Warbird Edition" to match the custom logo I did on a tach.

revlimiter Keychains - custom
The infamous Winged-M in keychain form. The first custom keychain I made!

About the Ordering Process

Every item in this store is hand-crafted, made one set at a time. Everything is made to your specs. There's no mass production. Because of this, there might be a short delay between placing your order and shipping. Keychains usually take a couple days to make. If there's a long wait list, I'll contact you via email to inform you of any delays.

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