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Big Rig

Headlights - photo by Lunchbox PhotoWorks

I met up with my buddy Josh of Lunchbox PhotoWorks the other day to take some car photos. But not just any car photos. Rig photos.


Retro Window Switches – 2nd Batch

8 switches, ready to go!

I’ve been working away on these little beauties and have another batch ready. I’m quite excited about this.


Microshoot: Micro Machines Audi Quattro WRC

Audi Quattro WRC

Sharka stayed in the garage today. Instead I took out my newest car – an Audi Quattro WRC. It gets incredible mileage. If only it had a bit more room…


NB Gauge Face How-To

The uber UBER NB gauge install how-to.

After I posted my NA gauge face install, I got a few requests for an NB version. And I wanted to do one of these anyway before I started selling NB gauges in my store.


I proudly present the NB Miata Gauge Face Install


The Store Is Open

revlimiter Gauges - Version Rossa

I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve opened a store section here on my website. So far, I’ve got gauges and window switches. Not a lot, but I’m just one guy. For all I know, that’s more than I can handle.


Japanese Quilted Goodness

Nakamae quilted transmission tunnel cover.

Nakamae They’ve made high end Eunos Roadster interior parts for longer than I’ve been involved in the hobby. And that’s kind of a long time! I’ve lusted after their stuff since the first day I saw it, but the opportunity to buy any of their fine products never arose.

Until now.


New Gauge Face How-To

My uber gauge install DIY

Just a quick blog post to point you to the thing that has taken up most of my Saturday – the NA Miata Gauge Face Install.


NA6 Dash Restoration Project

This humble dash is about to get the star treatment.

In this post, I repair and restore a 20 year old Miata dashboard from the 1.6 liter era. It took me a week and there’s a twist at the end. Check it out.


2011 Rough Riders Motorbike Rally

I dare you to be manly around this face.

So. There I was in Las Vegas (the New Mexico one, not the other one) in the middle of a huge motorcycle rally. My wife and I drove up to catch a flick at the Fort Union Drive-In and had no idea there would be 7.5 million motorbikes in the town square. We also had no idea that we were staying at the hotel that was hosting the event.

I had my camera. I like things with wheels and motors. Doesn’t matter to me if there are 2 wheels or 4 wheels. So I started shooting.


2011 Gauges – Version Rossa

Fresh from the cutting table.

In between gauge face commissions, I’ve been working on a new set for myself. Sharka has been wearing his old gauges (called “Revolution”) since around April of last year. I’ve been feeling a little tired of them and craving something a little more vintage looking. Something flashy and yet minimalist. Something that really complemented my KG Works gauge cluster.

To borrow a line from Jeremy Clarkson: And here it is.


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