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Instant Robot Surprise

There's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.

Vintage Transformers on a new kind of Polaroid film from The Impossible Project.


Easy Coolant Reroute – part 1

Coolant re-route parts! Ninja not included.

Part one of Sharka’s coolant re-route. There was just too many photos to get everything into one blog post. And there was this little ninja who threatened me if I didn’t put this up right away…


Forza Sharka!

Sharka lives in an Xbox 360.

Sharka as seen in the Xbox 360 game, Forza 3.


Tool Review – Coolant Pressure Tester

Mityvac MV-4500 Coolant Test Kit

While I continue to wait for all the parts I need to complete some upgrades while I have Sharka’s head off, I thought I’d do a quick review of the tool that made it all possible. This is the Mityvac MV4560 “Cooling System Pressure Test Kit.” And it’s a beauty.


Vegas Night Polaroids

The Flamingo. I wish there had been a better place to shoot from.

I lugged my huge tripod and two cameras all over the Las Vegas Strip at night. My reward was six beautiful squares of chemicals, plastic, and memories.


Insert “Head” Joke Here

Exhaust - not yet ported

My head is back from machining and in my lightbox. Nothing revolutionary or earth-shattering was done to the head, but I do expect a little more flow out of it. Take a look.


Clean Your Pistons Like a Boss

Filthy. We can't have that...

My pistons were slightly dirty. Out came the Mopar Combustion Chamber Cleaner!


Head Gasket Time (and every other gasket)

A big box of parts from Mazdacomp.

Sharka needs a head gasket. A normal person wouldn’t be happy about this. Me? I’m ecstatic!


My Tow Hook Worked!

Sharka is not posing in front of the Taco Bell by choice.

So there I was, sitting at a traffic light on the quiet side of an intersection. I’d just had dinner with my buddy Stoly (not at Taco Bell, at a much nicer nearby tavern) and was ready to go home and kick back. And…. THUD.


Works Bell Rapfix QRSII Quick Release

The hub-side of the quick release.

In hopes of adding a little security to my Roadster, I’ve added a Works Bell quick release. And I took a whole ton of photos of it!


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