New Forum – - the internet's newest Miata forum - the internet's newest Miata forum

There’s a new forum on the internet – My buddy Randy started it. It’s something he’s been talking about doing for years. And it was finally time.

Come register and say hello!

Come register and say hello!

The site is just starting out and the forum is fresh and new. I always enjoy a new Miata forum. Feels all clean and stuff. I don’t wanna make the comparison with a new pair of socks, but, well… Christmas just passed and my feet are being warmed by fresh socks at this very moment.

Also, is there as a day-one forum sponsor. Come by and check out my subforum down in the sponsor section. If you’ve got some of my stuff, perhaps show it off in my photo thread? I’d love to see.

Good luck, MazdaRoadster! I’m rooting for ya.

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  • Skeeler says:

    OK, so what’s special about this new forum? Why should I visit it rather than or Club Roadster? Persuade me.

    • Adam says:

      Well… I’m a sponsor at the new forum, so there’s that. But other than that, I got nothin. I’m not a mod or admin. I have no stake in the forum other than as a sponsor (one who sells goods there).

      This post was mostly just to alert folks to the presence of the new forum. Nothing more.

  • Skeeler says:

    Fair enough. I’m just wondering in what way, if any, this form will will distinguish itself. In what niche will it reside. I know how and Club Roadster differ. I wonder to what sub-sub-culture this forum will cater.

  • PhatMiata says:

    This for will differ in many ways, but the MAIN goal is to GIVE BACK to the Miata Community! Adam is one of the “Star” vendors that is giving back on the forum by donating free raffle prizes, but he is not alone, there are several other vendors doing prizes and giveaways, this is just a fun place to be and meet other Miata owners that have a passion for our cars.

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